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Below the home field are the fields for adding the address. Input the Street, City, State and Zip Code. You can also specify the Country and whether this is a home or work address. When you are done, just touch the Done button in the upper right corner of the New Contact form.
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The toolbar and a portion of our panel appear in the graphic for step 3.
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This is a catch-22. The agents need to log minimal replication activity so that the replication subsystem can detect hung agents. However, logging itself will degrade replication performance. Figure 1 illustrates the impact of various settings of the HistoryVerboseLoggingLevel when replicating 10,000 singleton insert statements. The y axis is worker time (ms), and the x axis is OutputVerboseLevel. Notice how a setting for HistoryVerboseLevel of 0 and using the default for OutputVerboseLevel (1) will give you the best performance and replicate 20 percent faster than its nearest competitor; 20 percent faster meant a total of 18,356 transactions per second. The characteristics are completely different for 100 transactions of 100 singleton inserts as displayed in figure 2. The y axis is worker time, and the x axis is OutputVerboseLevel.
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FlowDocumentReader reader = Switcher.UnselectedElement as FlowDocumentReader; doc.Background = reader.Background; reader.Document = doc; Switcher.Switch(); }
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But, we wanted to demonstrate that the properties are fully bindable. When you run, you should now have a LinkLabel with the Manning website linked; when it s clicked, it should open your default web browser (figure 13.3).
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Set the version number of the MyAlbumExplorer application to 15.4. IMPLEMENT A HANDLER FOR THE AFTERSELECT EVENT Action 1 In the MainForm.cs [Design] window, add an AfterSelect event handler for the TreeView control. Obtain the file name associated with the selected node. If the file name string is null, throw an exception. Note: This should not happen, and indicates that something is wrong. 4 If the node is a top-level node, display the albums associated with this node in the list view. If the node is an album node, display the photographs associated with the album in the list view. Result
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CHAPTER 3: Interface Builder
CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
Copying Objects
discussed in 5. You should also give your user a means to cancel the matchmaking process, and if she does so, you should call the cancelMatchmakingRequest method:
The code in listing 6.28 is straightforward C# code. We start by fetching the records that we want to modify B. We then make the necessary changes by working with the book object just as we would with any other collection C. Once we re done, we call SubmitChanges to commit the changes D. We don t need to worry about creating a separate mapping to issue an update command. The context takes the same metadata we created for querying and uses it to generate the necessary update statement. Here is the SQL that was generated for our example:
the dynamic body is moving and rotating very slowly or not at all, the physics engine will flag it as sleeping and won t apply forces to it anymore that is, unless an impulse or force applied to the body is strong enough to make the body move or rotate again. This trick allows the physics engine to save time by not processing the bodies that are at rest. Unless all of your game s dynamic bodies are in constant motion, you should enable this feature by setting the allowBodiesToSleep variable to true, as in Listing 12 2. The gravity passed to Box2D is a b2Vec2 struct type. It s essentially the same as a CGPoint, as it stores x and y float values. In this case, and fortunately for us in the real world too, gravity is a constant force. The 0, 10 vector is constantly applied to all dynamic bodies, making them fall down, which in this case means toward the bottom of the screen.
Notes Ch. 23
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