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Printer Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 14: Usability and Accessibility

Despite this, the term bookmark lookup is still commonly used to represent the process of locating table data based on an index key value.
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Listing 8.4 Animation when mouse enters our button
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As usual, let s begin with a clean desktop and only four icons: your Macintosh HD and three image files (shown as icons in Figure 5 1). As I m sure you have gathered by now, I think it s essential to have an uncluttered desktop, and I want to encourage you to continually hone your organizational mindset. Using our familiar shortcuts, close all programs.
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The encryption process will now start as a background task. During this time, some functions, such as modifying the database files and detaching the database, won t be available. The sys.dm_database_encryption_keys Dynamic Management View (DMV), fully described in BOL, can be used to inspect the progress of the encryption process. Finally, earlier we discussed the need to back up the certificate for recovery purposes and to enable encrypted databases to be restored to another server. Attempting to restore a backup of a TDE-encrypted database to another server that doesn t have the appropriate certificate installed will result in failure of the restore process, resulting in an error like that shown in figure 6.15. Let s take a quick look at the process of restoring a certificate on another server in preparation for restoring an encrypted database:
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Figure 3 10. Finding the push button in the library.
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Basic property and class mappings
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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ThreadStatic is an attribute that is added to the declaration of a variable in a class. It informs the compiler that if the variable is accessed from different threads each thread should have a distinct static variable. This is a simple way to make a variable local to a thread and create thread local storage. ThreadStatic is the managed equivalent of the C++ s __declspec(thread).
The following sections will get you a bit more familiar with Smile and some of its components.
3. From the Solution Explorer, right-click on the solution name and choose Add New Item from the context menu as shown in Figure 2-14.
10.4 Summary
Composition, on the other hand, sets up a has a relationship. A shape has a fill color. A car has an engine, and it has a tire. In contrast, a car is not an engine, and a car is not a tire. When you can say, X has a Y, you should use composition. Programmers new to object-oriented programming often make the mistake of trying to use inheritance for everything, such as having Car inherit from Engine. Inheritance is a fun new toy, but it s not appropriate for every situation. You can create a working program with such a structure, because you can access stuff that makes an engine work from inside the Car code. But it doesn t make sense to people reading the code. A car is an engine Huh So, use inheritance only when it s appropriate. Here s an example of how your thinking might go when designing your data structures: when creating new objects, take some thinking time to figure out when inheritance should be used and when composition should be used. For instance, in designing car stuff, you might think, A car has tires, and an engine, and a transmission. So you d use composition and make instance variables in your Car class for all of those. In other circumstances, you would use inheritance. For instance, you might need the idea of a licensed vehicle, that is, one requires some kind of license before it is legal to use. An automobile, motorcycle, and tractor-trailer rig would all be licensed vehicles. An automobile is a licensed vehicle, and a motorcycle is a licensed vehicle sounds like a good job for inheritance. So you d probably have a LicensedVehicle class that holds things like the municipality and license number (using composition!), sand Automobile, MotorCycle, and so on would inherit from LicensedVehicle.
J# s priorities range from MIN_PRIORITY to MAX_PRIORITY (J#).
LOBSystemInstances section
With the XML literals code in place, we re ready to integrate the query that selects the book and review data from the SampleData.Books array, as well as place holes within the XML literals that we can use to plug in the proper values from our query. As mentioned in chapter 9, we can place expression holes in our XML literals using the <%= Expression %> and <% Statement %> syntax. To create our full RSS feed, we re going to replace the single <item> element in listing 11.6 with our query for retrieving the book and review data. Once we have our queries and XML literal code in place, we replace the hard-coded book name, reviewer name, and review with embedded expressions that place the proper values from the book and review objects into the resulting XML. The complete code for creating our RSS feed is shown in listing 11.7.
private void OnMouseWheel(object sender, MouseWheelEventArgs e) { if (e.Delta > 0) slider_X.Value += slider_X.LargeChange; else slider_X.Value -= slider_X.LargeChange; }
MCMS 2002 provides COM-based APIs: the enhanced (2002 version) publishing API and the site deployment API.
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