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The Application Delegate
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Table 15.4
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You may think that choosing Wildcard for all string filters would make sense, but there seems to be a problem with using a wildcard filter and the general wildcard character. If you have your filter set to Contains and you enter the filter Figure 2.3 The effect of using a value to be %, you d expect it to return all the wildcard filter in your application data. This isn t the case, and you ll find that no definition file data is visible. If you do want this type of functionality, you should choose Comparison as the type of filter. With this filter for a string column, you ll find that the wildcard symbol will work as expected, with the small caveat still that % won t return all data.
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To summarize: an integration test exercises many units of code that work together to evaluate one or more expected results from the soft-
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Figure 9-12. Images for BigViewThing.app NASA
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This folder structure contains the configuration files for the repository and the database files that are used by the Subversion server to manage revisions. Now close this folder and never open it again! Seriously, it is a bad idea to make any changes directly to this folder, as it could corrupt the database that holds your precious code history. Leave it to Subversion.
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DeleteRule DeleteOnNull IsForeignKey IsUnique
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function createRssRibbon(webPartPageComponentId) { return new pageComponentFactory(webPartPageComponentId, 'RssWebPart.CustomPageComponent', 'DynRSSWebPart/rssribbon.js', '/_layouts/DynRSSWebPart/rssribbon.js'); }
Now that you re getting audio from the network, parsing it, and playing it, the only thing that remains is to make sure you don t run out of buffers. This is the job of the post-play callback, which you registered in propertyListenerCallback() when you created the audio queue. Listing 3-21 shows this.
The TreeView class represents a control that displays a collection of labeled items as a treestyle hierarchy. Typically an icon is displayed for each item in the collection to provide a graphical indication of the nature or purpose of the item. Items in the tree are referred to as nodes, and each node is represented by a TreeNode class instance. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the Control class. See .NET Table 4.1 on page 104 for a list of members inherited by this class. CheckBoxes HideSelection ImageIndex ImageList LabelEdit Nodes Public Properties PathSeparator SelectedNode ShowPlusMinus Gets or sets whether check boxes are displayed next to each node in the tree. The default is false. Gets or sets whether a selected node remains highlighted even when the control does not have focus. Gets or sets an index into the tree s image list of the default image to display by a tree node. Gets or sets an ImageList to associate with this control. Gets or sets whether node labels can be edited. Gets the collection of TreeNode objects assigned to the control. Gets or sets the delimiter used for a tree node path, and in particular the TreeNode.FullPath property. Gets or sets the selected tree node. Gets or sets whether to indicate the expansion state of parent tree nodes by drawing a plus + or minus - sign next to each node. The default is true. Gets or sets whether the tree nodes are sorted alphabetically based on their label text. Gets the tree node currently displayed at the top of the tree view control. Collapses all the tree nodes so that no child nodes are visible. Retrieves the tree node at the specified location in pixels within the control. Returns the number of top-level nodes in the tree, or the total number of nodes in the entire tree. Occurs after a tree node is expanded. Occurs after a tree node label is edited. Occurs before a tree node is collapsed. Occurs before a tree node is selected. Occurs when an item is dragged in the tree view.
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