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Note that I ve used the trick of passing self again here, so that the callback functions will be able to make method calls on the streaming object. The NSURLConnection created in Listing 3-15 will connect and begin receiving data as soon as it has been created. Since I ve set self as the connection s delegate, the connection will supply this data in the connection:didReceiveData: method on the streaming object. Recall that this method may be called many times, often with as little as 1KB to 2KB of data. Listing 3-16 shows this method. Whenever this happens, I pass the data to the parsing function. The first argument, myAudioStream, is the stream object I created earlier. The parsing function will use this argument to find the callbacks that I registered for it.
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Now, with all of this done (and I haven t even gotten to the interface yet), you might be tempted to build and run the application, which is a fine thing to do, except you ll probably encounter one of the first requirements. You must be able to deploy to a device, because APNS does not work on the simulator:
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Listing 12 4. Adding a New Dynamic Body with a Sprite -(void) addNewSpriteAt:(CGPoint)pos { CCSpriteBatchNode* batch = (CCSpriteBatchNode*)[self getChildByTag:kTagBatchNode]; int idx = CCRANDOM_0_1() * TILESET_COLUMNS; int idy = CCRANDOM_0_1() * TILESET_ROWS; CGRect tileRect = CGRectMake(TILESIZE * idx, TILESIZE * idy, TILESIZE, TILESIZE); CCSprite* sprite = [CCSprite spriteWithBatchNode:batch rect:tileRect]; sprite.position = pos; [batch addChild:sprite]; // Create a body definition and set it to be a dynamic body b2BodyDef bodyDef; bodyDef.type = b2_dynamicBody; bodyDef.position = [self toMeters:pos]; bodyDef.userData = sprite; b2Body* body = world->CreateBody(&bodyDef);
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12. Now your iPhone will be restored or set up as you selected. 13. If you have locked your SIM card, then you will need to enter the 4-digit unlock PIN code as shown in Figure 3-42.
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In this chapter, we introduced the CaveatEmptor application. All the persistent classes of the application are declared in the namespace NHibernate.Auction.Model and are compiled in the NHibernate.Auction assembly. It would become tedious to specify this fully qualified name every time you name a class in your mapping documents. Let s reconsider the mapping for the User class (the file User.hbm.xml):
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base tables. I d suggest (or even mandate) using stored procedures in searched update or delete. The blind searched operation or multiple-statement update is accomplished in a single database round trip, and you can even use the OUTPUT clause in SQL Server s DML to obtain information in rowset form showing exactly what was changed or deleted. Because this is a database-specific operation, using a stored procedure sounds like a good workaround for this problem. With the use of stored procedures as needed and the realization that most apps use the get-then-update pattern anyway, I think I ll dismiss this worry.
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Using dynamic dataset queries A variation of the data-filtering technique is to use dynamic queries, where a stored procedure or an expression determines what data will be fetched based on the user s identity. Let s consider a more complicated scenario than those already discussed. This time say you want to factor in the user s Windows group membership. For example, you want to allow members of the Sales Managers Windows group to be able to select any salesperson. However, you still want to allow members of the Sales Windows group to be able to see their sales data only. Determining the user s Windows group membership With a little bit of embedded custom code, implementing these more complex requirements is straightforward. You could write a simple function to tell you whether the user is a member of a given Windows group. A possible implementation of such a function is the IsInRole function:
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You will see the Filter tab (shown in Figure 5-15) after creating the Filter Event (Pre-Filter) rule.
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CHAPTER 20: Your Calendar
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<TextBlock Margin="50,123,108,118" Name="textBlock1" />
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Navigation and dialogs
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title></title> <script language="JavaScript"> function GreetMe(name) { div1.innerHTML += "<p>Hello " + name + "</p>"; } function SayHello() { div1.innerHTML += "<p>Hello</p>"; } </script> </head> <body> Hello world!<br /> <div id="div1"> </div> </body> </html>
At the same time the scalability issues started emerging, many systems began moving from client-server architectures toward more stateless, web-based architectures in order to alleviate deployment challenges. The demands of stateless web applications required that they no longer rely on long-held pessimistic locks. As an attempt to keep developers from falling into the scalability and locking traps posed by pessimistic concurrency models, the .NET Framework was designed to target the disconnected nature of web-based applications. The data API for .NET, ADO.NET, was created without the capability to hold cursors to the tables and thus eliminated automated pessimistic concurrency options. Applications could still be designed to add a checked out flag on a record that would be evaluated when subsequent attempts were made to access the same record. However, these checked out flags were frequently not reset, as it became difficult to determine when the user was no longer using it. Due to these issues, the pessimistic concurrency model began to unravel in the disconnected environment.
Deploying and installing sandboxed solutions You don t have to use the web interface to deploy user code solutions. The SharePoint PowerShell snap-in contains cmdlets for working with user code solutions. When deploying a user code solution on several site collections, you should use PowerShell scripting. To list all installed user code solutions in a site collection, use the Get-SPUserSolution command. The command takes the URL to the site collection as a parameter:
SQL Server 2005 detail query partitioned plan and statistics
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