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Despite SQL Server 2008 s inclusion of advanced data management features such as FileStream and data compression, the importance of basic best practices such as presizing files is not to be overlooked. To avoid transaction throughput bottlenecks, ensure the transaction log is stored on a dedicated RAID-protected (ideally RAID 1 or 10) disk volume. Combining data and transaction logs on the same disk won t achieve the same levels of throughput given the disk heads will be moving between the conflicting requirements of random data access/updates and sequential transaction log entries. For database applications with high transaction rates, separation of data and transaction logs in this manner is crucial. Defragging a transaction log disk may improve performance if the transaction log has had significant growth/shrink activity and/or is shared with other files undergoing frequent modification. Ensure SQL Server is shut down before defragging, and make sure frequent growth/shrink operations are addressed through adequate log file sizing and the absence of manual shrink operations. For maximum performance, ensure backups and the tempdb database are stored on physically separate volumes from data, transaction log, and Windows system files. To avoid data loss in the event of disk failure, never store backups on the same disk(s) as the database files, and ensure all volumes are RAID protected. Designing SAN-based virtualized storage is quite different from that of directattached storage; that being said, the principles of high performance and fault tolerance remain. For transaction log files in particular, consider creating LUNs on dedicated disks that aren t shared by any other server or application.
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Ch8DataContext context = new Ch8DataContext() Book mostExpensiveBook = (from book in context.Books orderby book.Price descending select book).First();
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This chapter introduced the concepts of variables and operators, tied together in C statements and separated by semicolons. We looked at several examples, each of which made heavy use of the Standard Library function printf(). You learned about the console window, quoted strings, and backslash combinations. 6 will increase our programming options significantly, introducing you to C control structures such as the for loop and the if statement. Get ready to expand your C-programming horizons. See you in 6.
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Transition effects
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16. Next, we ll set up PredictionCell with a two outlets that we ll design in Interface Builder shortly. We ll use one label for the destination name and one label for the estimate of when the train will arrive. Again, you ll set up both instance variables as properties prefixed with the IBOutlet qualifier so that you can connect the labels in Interface Builder to the properties in the class. The code for our new class is shown in Listing 7-10.
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You declare the persistent attributes of Address inside the <component> element B. The property of the User class is named HomeAddress. You reuse the same component class to map another property of this type to the same table C. Figure 3.6 shows how the attributes of the Address class are persisted to the same table as the User entity. Components may be harder to map with NHibernate. Mapping.Attributes. When you re using a component in many classes with the identical mapping, it s easy to do (far easier than with XML mapping):
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h> int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { NSLog (@"The numbers from 1 to 10:"); int i; for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++) { NSLog (@"%d\n", i); }
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Listing 8.10 Dynamic SQL pass-through with parameters
hit the menu, leaving you with just fine-tuning left and right to find the top item you want to select. This arrangement isn t without complications, however. In a typical Windows application, you might have a number of different windows, each with its own menu, containing items that are only relevant to that window s contents. While it s technically possible to do something similar in a Mac OS X application, changing the structure of the menu as different windows are selected, this usage is frowned upon, and will probably bother some users, who on the Mac are quite accustomed to applications that behave in a consistent manner. Instead, you can implement a behavior that is fully supported and recommended: Enabling and disabling menu items based on the currently selected window (or, indeed, the currently selected object inside a window). In this section, we re going to show you how to do this, but first we re going to talk a bit about the system menus that are included with Cocoa and standard across most applications.
To finalize the view, you have to change the class of the view inside the XIB file to FormicView. For this, open the file FormicViewController.xib, and select the view. Find the inspector panel (or open it from the menu by selecting Tools Inspector), and click the information icon (or press 4) to change the class to FormicView (see Figure 1-8). Save the change, then return to xScope.
SQL injection protection
Unlike the other fields in our text file, there can be more than one author specified for a single book. If we go back and review the sample text file from listing 5.18, we see that the authors are delimited by a semicolon:
In this example, the for clause generates a tuple stream from the //name path expression and binds each tuple to the $i variable in turn. The tuple stream consists of the stream of tuples returned by each iteration of the for clause. The return clause returns the concatenated results generated by the tuple stream. This simple FLWOR expression demonstrates an interesting feature of XQuery: XML construction. XML construction allows you to generate new XML content from source XML content. In this case, we ve taken the content of every <name> element in the source XML document and reformatted that content as <topic> elements. The let keyword allows you to bind tuples generated by the for clause tuple stream to variables. Consider listing 9, where we use the let clause to assign the character content of each <name> element to a variable named $j. The results are the same as those generated by listing 8.
Task 7-21. Adding a Stage-As User Account as a Member of the Subscribers Rights Group
Expander shown unexpanded and expanded
There are many ways to keep track of a newly allocated block of memory. As you design your program, you ll figure out which approach makes the most sense for your particular situation. One technique you ll find very useful is to place the pointer inside a special data structure known as a linked list.
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