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Listing 13.2 Source code for Cross Poster for C#
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used but not directly seen by users. The Cocoa Application Kit supports the visible aspects of your application. The Application Kit consists of a set of classes that provide application developers with infrastructure for developing the user interface of an application, including windows, menus, controls, buttons, and text fields. The Application Kit includes more than 100 classes, but as the Apple documentation points out, you can access the classes at different levels of complexity:
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Note When you install IIS with the Common Files, Internet Information Services SnapIn, and World Wide Web Server components, a default Web site is created. Before you add the new MCMS sites, you must provide unique ports for the IIS default site and the two MCMS sites to be created. You should change the TCP port number of the default IIS Web site. Alternatively, add a second IP address to your server and bind each virtual site to a different IP address or simply disable the Default Site option. If you delete the default Web site or if you choose to have MCMS run on another Web site, then you must create that site before installing MCMS. Microsoft recommends creating a separate Web site as the SCA entry point. In Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional, you can only have one active Web site in IIS, so both the MCMS site and the SCA site will be the same.
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Deprecation feature
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Writing real-world domain models
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The common functionality of NSIndexSet and java.util.BitSet is smaller than most of the other collection classes. The Java class has a number of methods for flipping bits and performing Boolean operations that the Objective-C class lacks. The primary use of NSIndexSet is to efficiently encapsulate an arbitrary subset of an ordered collection. The NSArray classes and user interface display classes use them extensively. For example, a table view returns the user s current selection as an NSIndexSet that identifies the selected rows. The interface has a number of methods, such as -indexLessThanIndex:, that make it easy to iterate through the collection in any direction.
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Figure 5-6. The first four lines of the script have one purpose: to get the creation date of the chosen file. Although these four lines will eventually make up the beginning of your script, having to select a new file every time you want to test the rest of the script will slow you down during development. What you want to do is temporarily assign a predefined value to variable the_date as suitable test data. (I ve used the value shown in the Result area of the script window in Figure 5-6.) This will allow you to skip the choose file step when you create the script. True, you may want to test your script on more than one date, but having one date for testing can give you consistent results throughout the initial development stage. Don t forget to disable or delete this test code once the script is complete, of course. In the script shown in Figure 5-7, I have commented the first four lines and inserted a temporary line as described previously.
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Let s break it down. The first thing we do in our simple parser is create a DOM document object by reading from an input stream b, which could represent a newsfeed file stored on our hard drive or a newsfeed read over the Web. Next, we get the document s root element, get the list of the <item> elements that are its children c, and loop through those items one by one. For each item, we print out the text of the <title> d, <link> e, and <description> f elements. We don t check for empty node lists for the <title> and <link>elements, because they re required elements in RSS 1.0. Besides, we re trying to keep things simple. If you re not happy with a newsfeed parser that throws exceptions when it encounters an invalid feed, you are welcome to add
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The graphical execution plan for this query is shown in figure 13.8, and it confirms the index is being used. We can see that of the overall query cost, 98 percent is the key lookup. Eliminating this step will derive a further performance increase. You ll note that in our queries so far we ve been using select *; what if we reduced the required columns for the query
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TIP: It is much easier to type with your hands when the keyboard is larger. Once you get the hang of typing on the larger keyboard with two hands, you will find that it is much faster than typing with one finger. See 2 s Typing, Copy/Paste, and Search section for more typing tips.
Figure 6 33. Sorting elements in the pirates array by losses and then by year Forgive me for being negative and sorting by losses. In Pittsburgh, between the end of the Penguins season and beginning of the Steelers season, guessing how many games the Pirates will lose and which star players they ll trade away for prospects is pretty much all there is to do sports-wise. So let s be optimistic and sort pirates by wins instead. Doing so is trivial, just rename the function sortByWins and change the indexes in the boolean expression and else clause from 2 to 1 like so. var pirates = [[2010, 57, 105], [2009, 62, 99], [2008, 67, 95], [2007, 68, 94], [2006, 67, 95], [2005, 67, 95], [2004, 72, 89], [2003, 75, 87], [2002, 72, 89], [2001, 62, 100], [2000, 69, 93], [1999, 78, 83], [1998, 69, 93],
A standard GridView control is used to obtain this display, but its DataSource is a LinqDataSource:
Figure 2-7. The output of Listing 2-10
Figure 2.4 Each write to a RAID 5 partition involves multiple reads to calculate and store parity information. For SQL Server systems with substantial write activity, RAID 5 is often a poor choice. (Image provided courtesy of Advanced Computer and Network Corp.)
Listing 9 Binding tuples to variables with the let clause
public ClassCat(string name, DidSomething notify ) { sleepTime=1000; rnd=new Random(Environment.TickCount);
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