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If the model of unstructured buckets containing objects of an arbitrary number of bytes used by S3 and other cloud storage services isn t the right model for an application, you have another model for elastic storage that looks like a file system or database to an application running in EC2 services, such as Elastic Block Store (EBS). When an instance in EC2 shuts down normally, its data is lost instantly. The only way to maintain its data after shutdown is through EBS. As you might imagine, EBS is additional functionality built on top of S3. EBS volumes can be from 1 GB to 1 TB in size. After a volume is created, it can be attached to an Amazon EC2 instance. When it s attached, it appears as a mounted device similar to any hard drive or other block device. At that point, the instance can interact with the volume as it would with a local drive, formatting it with a file system or installing applications on it directly. You can attach a volume to only one instance at a time, but many volumes can be attached to a single instance. This means you can attach multiple volumes and stripe your data across them for increased I/O and throughput performance. This
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Advanced and Custom Reporting
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Apple s GUI-based development tools
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Listing 2-13. Testing the Optimistic Concurrency Feature
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Traditional Web Part projects
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The idea behind WMI is a good one: it s a generic system for retrieving management information. In some limited cases it can also be used for implementing configuration changes, although, for the most part, Microsoft hasn t leveraged that well or consistently. WMI is built primarily around a system of providers, and each provider is designed to expose a particular type of management information. For example, on Windows Server, when you install the DNS Server role, you also install the bits that make DNS accessible through WMI, enabling you to query DNS records. Windows has a number of providers that install by default and provide information about the core operating system and computer hardware. Each computer can have a completely different set of WMI providers, because each computer on your network will have different software installed. Like everything in PowerShell, WMI presents its information in the form of objects, and those objects have properties (and sometimes methods). The properties
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base.SwitchSetting = value; } } } class MyClass { public MyClass(int i) { this.i = i; } [Conditional("DEBUG")] public void VerifyState() { Console.WriteLine("VerifyState"); Debug.WriteLineIf(debugOutput.Terse, "VerifyState Start"); Debug.WriteLineIf(debugOutput.Chatty, "Starting field verification"); if (debugOutput.Verbose) Debug.WriteLine("VerifyState End"); } static SpecialSwitch debugOutput = new SpecialSwitch("MyClassDebugOutput", "application"); int i = 0; }
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protected override void OnRender(DrawingContext drawingContext) { if (dataPoints != null) More boring { math stuff double spaceToUseY = ActualHeight * 0.8; double spaceToUseX = ActualWidth * 0.8; double barWidth = spaceToUseX / dataPoints.Count; double largestValue = GetLargestValue(); double unitHeight = spaceToUseY / largestValue;
@interface Engine : NSObject @end // Engine
PS (5) > $ou = [ADSI] ` >> "LDAP://localhost:389/ou=HR,dc=NA,dc=fabrikam,dc=com" >>
if (type.Count() == 1) { Type t = Type.GetType(type.First().Value); if (t == typeof(DeploymentWebPart.DeploymentWebPart)) { item.Delete(); Compare type in } XML with Web } Part type
In the header file, we told the computer that we are going to do some action(s) when a button is pressed. Now that we ve pasted this set of commands into the implementation file, we replace the ; with a set of brackets. It is inside these brackets that we will tell the computer what needs to be implemented when the button is pressed.
So far, we have been blissfully ignorant about designing our reports in such a way that they could support localized user interfaces and regional settings in multiple cultures. For example, when calculating the sales total we didn t take in consideration the fact that the AdventureWorks2000 database captures the currency code along with the sales data.
Calling Reverse() simply reverses all the elements of the array: using System; class Test { public static void Main() { int[] arr = {5, 6, 7}; Array.Reverse(arr); foreach (int value in arr) { Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", value); } } } This produces the following output: 7 6 5
The Products by Subcategory report in a design mode
Expand the Security top-level node. Right-click the Server Audit Specifications node and choose New Server Audit Specification. This will open the Create Server Audit Specification dialog box, as shown in figure 7.
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