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Listin g 12-1. Archiving and Unarchiving an Object
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Figure 8 3. Start a new project in Xcode. You are right I didn t use the usual shortcut I just wanted to see if you were awake!
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Now there s a contract for how the Model is implemented, through the interface, and you can use dependency injection to provide multiple Models to the same Presenter and View. For instance, the current ListsService Model returns all lists within a site. If you need another Model, called LibraryService, that returns all document libraries, you can create a new Model implementation that has a GetLists method like this:
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PS (18) > $words | % {$h=@{}} {$h[$_] += 1}
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the AW Campaigner requirements mandate the use of the RS Web service for report rendering in unattended mode. In other cases, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding which one will be better suited for your particular situation. Once again, we recommend that you consider the URL access option first. It supports all interactive features, plus it is easier to integrate with client applications. The main advantages of using the Web service are its flexible invocation options and extensive set of web methods. However, introducing additional layers and using SOAP for report rendering will often necessitate extra development effort and compromises in the interactive feature set. One excellent approach would be to take the best of both worlds by using URL for report rendering and SOAP for everything else. There may be other factors that might influence your decision, including the type of the application (WinForm or webbased) and restrictions that the application s requirements might impose. For this reason, we will revisit this topic in subsequent chapters and make more specific recommendations as we discuss different application scenarios.
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// private constructor... private Machine() { bank = new Bank(); MinBet = bank.GetParm("MinBet", 1); MaxBet = bank.GetParm("MaxBet", 5); StartCredits = bank.GetParm("StartCredits", 100); Bias = bank.Bias; } public static Machine Instance { get { // allow just one instance... if (machine == null) machine = new Machine(); return machine; } } public Hand Deal() { Hand hand = new Hand(); int bias = Bias; while (hand.Score > 0 && bias-- > 0) hand = new Hand(); return hand; } public Hand Draw(Hand oldHand, string holdCards, int bet) { int bias = Bias; Hand newHand = new Hand(oldHand, holdCards); while (newHand.Score > 0 && bias-- > 0) newHand = new Hand(oldHand, holdCards);
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Touch the name and email address you want to use. If someone has more than one email address, you ll need to select one. Add more invitees if you desire, then tap Done to exit the Add Invitees window. Adjust any other items in the Add Event screen and tap Done to save. The meeting invitation(s) will be sent via email immediately to everyone you invited.
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all the web applications. You can use a similar timer job to remove the control adapter from the .browser file. To make the registration process more seamless (and to make it a reusable solution), I ll show you how to create a timer job that registers the mobile control adapter in your solution. This timer job will be invoked when a feature is activated or deactivated. Failing to remove the control adapters from the .browser file when removing the control adapter assembly will cause the entire SharePoint application to break and throw exceptions. When you add a custom browser definition file, SharePoint, or rather ASP.NET, won t automatically pick that up. ASP.NET caches a compiled version of the browser definition files and only empties that cache when already compiled and existing .browser files are changed. This means that if you update the compat.browser or compat.moss.browser file, ASP.NET will recompile the browser definitions. To force ASP.NET to recompile custom browser definition files, you have two options. The first is to empty the cache by deleting all files from the Temporary ASP.NET Files directory located under c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\. The second alternative, which I ll show you in this example, is to change the last edited time on the default compat.browser so that ASP.NET thinks that the file has been updated and thus recompiles all browser definition files.
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There are times that we don t need to perform asynchronous processing. Listing 17.4 contains the Sort method. Sort, unlike BeginSort, blocks until it completes.
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If you want to bring an application to the front, use the activate command instead.
This last step actually finishes the job for you. It is very useful to use this inverse relationship feature in Core Data. In EOF, relationships had only an implicit inverse relationship. Developers usually had an inverse relationship for any relationship, but the two relationships were separate, and historically there were many problems when people created a relationship and an inverse that was misconfigured in some way. It is much harder to make this mistake in Core Data. You can now create the new sources for the PartyFavor class and create new sources for the Event class. There is an odd thing that Xcode does here that you will see in a moment. When you select the File New File menu item, Xcode does not always allow you to pick the Managed Object Class template to create the file. One of the ways to make sure Xcode does allow you to pick that template is to click the xcdatamodel file. So, click the current xcdatamodel file. Then select the File New File menu item, and the multipane wizard launches. In the first pane, you are asked to select the target, but there is only one target in this project. In the second pane of the wizard, select both the Event and PartyFavor entities. Then it will create the source files for you. Oddly, Xcode will then put the sources in the Resources group of your project. Actually, they are inside the xcdatamodeld directory. But if you think about it, you will realize that you had the xcdatamodel file selected. So, Xcode only followed your suggestion, right Of course, if you had not selected the xcdatamodel file, then Xcode (currently) would not offer you the use of the Managed Object Class template. It s strange looking, but in this case, what Xcode is doing is OK. Remember that, a while back, you added two methods to the Event class. You want to move the description and subdescription methods that you added to Event to the new Event sources, the one inside the xcdatamodeld. Remember to copy over the method declarations in the interface file as well. Now, your project should look like Figure 6-5.
Figure 3.3 Use the Connection Properties dialog box to set the properties of the data source.
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