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Figure 7.3 A thread attempts to add a new entry to the queue.
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When you run the Setup program for MCMS 2002 with SP1a, select CMS Server, Developer Tools, and Site Manager. Leave Site Stager unselected (refer to the Custom Setup page). If you have any concerns about the amount of disk space that will be required, you can determine it at this point.
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Figure 4-13. Activating Enable Guard Malloc for the simulator
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
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USE master GO -- get the audit file DECLARE @filepattern VARCHAR(300) DECLARE @folder VARCHAR(255) DECLARE @auditguid VARCHAR(36) SELECT @auditguid = audit_guid,@folder = log_file_path FROM sys.server_file_audits WHERE name = 'AWDMLAudit' SELECT @filepattern = @folder + '*_' + @auditguid + '*'
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Another way to differentiate between missing data and NULL values is to base the textbox on an expression that uses the CountRows() function. You see an example of how this could be implemented in chapter 6. Checking for missing fields To make dealing with missing values more confusing, the Field object exposes a property called IsMissing. It is important to note that it doesn t check for missing values. Instead, it returns true if the field is not found in the report dataset. If you are trying to understand the practical use of this, consider the case when the report dataset is returned by a call to a stored procedure. For example, consider the Employee Sales by Territory report that we developed in the previous chapter to show employee performance. Users belonging to various 164
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To watch videos, touch your Videos icon, which is a soft key along the bottom row of the iPod app. NOTE: You can also watch videos from the YouTube icon, the Safari icon, and other video-related apps you load from the App store.
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All OS X applications should respond to the following application commands, as well as to the run command discussed in the previous section.
Adding some interesting transition effects Listing 19.13 Wipe ControlTemplate
Table 8.1 Comparison of AutoResetEvent and ManualResetEvent AutoResetEvent Return Code TheEvent.Set() TheEvent.WaitOne(0, False) TheEvent.WaitOne(0, False) TheEvent.Reset() TheEvent.WaitOne(0, False) TheEvent.Set() WaitHandle.WaitAny(H, 0, False) WaitHandle.WaitAny(H, 0, False) TheEvent.Reset() WaitHandle.WaitAny(H, 0, False) TheEvent.Set() WaitHandle.WaitAll(H, 0, False) WaitHandle.WaitAll(H, 0, False) TheEvent.Reset() WaitHandle.WaitAll(H, 0, False) True True False True False True 0 258 True 258 True True False True False Yes Yes Yes Yes Signaled Yes Yes ManualResetEvent Return Code True True True True False True 0 0 True 258 True True True True False Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Signaled Yes Yes Yes
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