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Set the authentication type depending on your SQL Server Authentication. If you re using Mixed Mode in SQL, you ll need to have the Authentication Type check box cleared. If you re using Windows Authentication, this option will need to be checked. If you re using Windows Authentication on your Oracle Server, check the setting The Same Applies to Oracle. Note that the account that accesses the database will be authenticated using Windows Authentication, not the user who s logged in to SharePoint. Logon Account Information This provides the ability to set up all the required information to access the data source. For example, if accessing a SQL Server, you may only need to prompt for username and password, so you can proceed with the default settings for Field 1 and Field 2. But you may also want to prompt for additional information, especially if you ve created your own web part that requires information to access the data source. For example, if you re using Oracle, you may set Field 1 to Oracle User Name, Field 2 to Oracle Password, and Field 3 to Oracle Database Name. If you re using a group account rather than an individual account, you can set the credentials in the next step. (This has to be performed by an SSO Administrator.) Click OK.
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Apart from those supplied by Apple, your Mac may well have other frameworks that contain libraries of code specific to third party products. You can find these in /Library/Frameworks. For example, my computer has additional frameworks for MacRuby, OpenBase, and several other products. In the course of your development work you may want to bundle together any code libraries that you have built and need to reuse into your own frameworks. This is perfectly feasible, but is way beyond the scope of this book. Finally, there are frameworks specifically associated with Xcode Developer Tools, in /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks and the public developer frameworks in /Developer/Library/Frameworks.
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Now you can see how a partition can be split and merged. What you do is ALTER the partition function and use the SPLIT or MERGE options to perform the corresponding action. Remember that our PFNExample1_Right() function from the previous section has three boundary values (10, 20, 30), and we therefore have four partitions:
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Figure 7.3 Use the Site Settings page to manage server-side settings, enable the MyReports feature, and manage shared schedules, jobs, and so on.
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The ListBox exposes two properties and an event SelectedIndex, SelectedItem, and SelectionChanged, respectively all of which help you handle item selection. The SelectedIndex is a zero-based int that reflects the index of the currently selected item in the ListBox. If no item is selected, this property will return 1. Even more informative is the SelectedItem property, which returns the current selection in object form. This property type is a powerful improvement over the value/text property of items in HTML. Regardless, whenever an item is selected, whether by the user or programmatically, the SelectionChanged event will fire. This event, as well as the SelectedItem and SelectedIndex properties, is also available on the ComboBox.
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Backup types
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Figure 22-5. The Explorer window allows you to explore objects, properties, and object elements in an expandable outline view.
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Triggering builds and continuous integration
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Click on any app from which you want to transfer the files in the left column. Select one or several files using any of these methods: a. b. c. Click on a single file. Hold the Control key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) and click on any number of files. Hold the Shift key and click on the top and bottom file in a list to select all files in that list.
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A stream on a disk file A stream that s stored in memory A stream on a network connection Implements a buffer on top of another stream A stream that can compress or decompress data, passing through it using GZIP (RFC 1952) A stream that can compress or decompress data, passing through it using LZW77 (RFC 1951)
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AbstractButton JButton JComboBox JPopupMenu JCheckBox JRadioButton JSpinner.DateEditor JSlider JLabel JTextArea JTextField JEditorPane JPasswordField JProgressBar JList JTable JTree JScrollPane JSplitPane JTabbedPane JToolbar NSButton (style=NSMomentaryPushInButton) NSComboBox NSPopUpButton NSButton (style=NSSwitchButton) NSButton (style=NSRadioButton) NSDatePicker NSSlider NSTextField NSTextField NSTextField NSTextView NSSecureTextField NSProgressIndicator NSTableButton NSTableView NSOutlineView, NSBrowser NSScrollView NSSplitView NSTabView NSToolbar
Figure 7 9. Our window is starting to shape up!
CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search
2. Within reason.
<Button BorderBrush="{StaticResource myBrush}" ...>7</Button>
Listing 1 Querying the DMV to review the indexes and the execution plan
The interpreter sees the call operator and uses the value of the next argument to look up the command to run. This process of looking up the command is called command discovery. The result of this command discovery operation is an object of type System.Management.Automation.CommandInfo, which tells the interpreter what command to execute. There are different subtypes of CommandInfo for each of the types of PowerShell commands. In the next section, we ll look at how to obtain these objects and how to use them. 216
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