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Embrace the IDE
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Useful system queries
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The SPUserCodeWebPart has three properties used to locate the wrapped sandboxed Web Part. SolutionId identifies the solution, and TypeFullName and AssemblyName identify the Web Part.
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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Strictly speaking, the csc compiler automatically references all major System DLLs. As a result, the /reference switches here are not really needed. We use them here and throughout the chapter to be explicit about the libraries required by our program.
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CHAPTER 8: Variable Data Types
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Table A.3 Examples of iteration in cmd.exe and PowerShell cmd.exe for %f in (*) do echo %f for /d %f in (*) do echo %f PowerShell dir | {! $_.PSIsContainer} | % {$_ } dir | { $_.PSIsContainer} | % {$_ } for ($i=1; $i -lt 10; $i+=2) { $i }
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To model your $3,000-server boxes, choose Amazon s Large Instance option. Large instances can be used in a pure on-demand model with no up-front fee for $0.34/hr. More economical options are available if you elect to pay an up-front fee. Because you re making calculations based on a three-year time horizon, choose an option that allows you to lock down a price per large instance of $0.12/hr for three years; Amazon s reserved instance one-time fee is $1,400 but then gives you the per-hour charge of only $0.12. If you plan to run the application 24 x 7, the monthly charge will be $87.65 based on the average hours in a month being 730.48. When you add this to the $38.88/month for the initial one-time fee amortized over 36 months, you arrive at a total of $126.53/month for each large instance. Because you need six of these for your deployment, that works out to about $759/month for the compute resources. You also need to pay for bandwidth. In the colocation example, you purchased an allocation of 10 Mb/s. Colocation bandwidth is typically charged in what is called a 95th percentile billing model. Usage is measured in five-minute buckets over the course of the month, and the bucket representing the 95th largest usage in Mb/s is taken as the measured utilization for the month.
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where on your pages the Passport logos and login screens are placed. In Windows Server 2003, all that is required is for you to turn on Passport authentication in IIS 6. Let s demonstrate how to enable .NET Passport authentication from within IIS. Right-click on your web site and select the Directory Security tab and then click the Edit button to edit authentication and access control. In the Authentication Methods dialog box, you must ensure that the Anonymous Authentication checkbox is empty. If anonymous authentication is enabled, then everyone automatically has access to your site, no matter what type of authentication is enabled for your web site. Next, click the .NET Passport Authentication checkbox and specify the default domain in which your domain users are authenticated, as shown in figure 9.15. When you view your web site, you will be presented with the default Passport login (figure 9.16), which authenticates you through the Passport service. And now for the not-so-good news about using Microsoft Passport: Passport is not free. In order to use this functionality in your applications, you must pay a yearly fee to Microsoft to license the service. Another disadvantage is that not only is it not free,
Each secured Web method should check the key and throw an exception if the key is invalid. For example, we might design genKey to perform a cryptographic hash on the generated key using a secret password known only to our Web service. (Coding genKey is left as an exercise.) The validKey key-validation routine would first recompute the hash and immediately reject the key if the hash does not compute. Only after the hash successfully computes, should the key be looked up in our database and the username retrieved. Finally, you might wish to create a Logout method to delete the session key from storage:
Figure 26 51. The Firefox opening file pop-up window
If your boss explicitly tells you not to make the change, there isn t a whole lot you can do, besides trying to convince management to see what you see. But sometimes the lack of support is much more subtle than that, and the trick is to realize that you are facing opposition. For example, you may be told, Sure, go ahead and implement those tests. We re adding 10 percent to your time to do this. Anything below
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