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Note that this method never commits or starts any database transactions; all it does is execute additional INSERT statements on an existing ADO.NET connection and inside the current database transaction. Using a temporary ISession for some operations on the same ADO.NET connection and transaction is a handy technique you may also find useful in other scenarios. The NHibernate way is powerful, simple, and easier to integrate. But there are some kinds of operations that can t work using it. In the case of audit logging, the NHibernate way only logs operations per entity; you can t log an operation affecting many entities or unrelated to persistence. The bottom line is that you ll probably use both approaches. We encourage you to experiment and try different interceptor patterns. The NHibernate website also has examples that use nested interceptors and log a complete history (including updated property and collection information) for an entity.
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Note If you are curious as to what COM objects are, visit the following Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Component_Object_Model.
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Search the Web. Search Wikipedia.
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This is a fairly exotic beast! If you find yourself with a mapping like this, you should ask whether it may be better to map CategorizedItem as an entity class and use two one-to-many associations. Furthermore, there is no way to make this mapping bidirectional: a component, such as CategorizedItem can t, by definition, have shared references. You can t navigate from Item to CategorizedItem. We talked about some limitations of many-to-many mappings in the previous section. One of them, the restriction to nonindexed collections for the inverse end of an association, also applies to one-to-many associations, if they re bidirectional. Let s take a closer look at one-to-many and many-to-one again, to refresh your memory and elaborate on what we discussed in chapter 4.
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This is a good time to get PowerShell up and running, if you haven t done so already. You can use either the ISE or the regular console host. You ll find the icons for PowerShell and the ISE located on the Start menu, under Accessories. It s very important that you run PowerShell as an Administrator. On Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, User Account Control (UAC) is enabled by default, and it prevents you from running programs as Administrator without taking a special step: right-click the program icon in the Start menu, and select Run as Administrator from the context menu. You need to do that every time you open the application. You can also right-click the icon, select Properties, and modify the program s properties to
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Table 3-1. Class Controls and Their Property Settings
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Figure 12.3 The default page verification level of CHECKSUM enables ongoing I/O subsystem verification.
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default blue, the futuristic silver (Metallic, shown in figure 6.12), and the slightly nauseating green (Homestead). Unfortunately, the implementation of themes was, shall we say, ugly. The themes had to work with existing applications that knew nothing about themes, as well as allow new applications to take advantage of the themed elements. In addition to its Byzantine coding style, it was also very much tied to the Win32 HWND model. This fact is quite relevant to our current topic because WPF isn t. When you run a WPF application, the main frame of your window is still a Window as far as Windows is concerned, and the theme code can paint the title bar and the borders of your window. But everything inside your window is WPF-only, and it isn t possible (or particularly desirable) for the Windows theme code to do any of the drawing. Fortunately, where implementing themes in classic Windows was a nightmare, WPF is built around the idea of styling. And what is a theme but a collection of styles Providing a theme for WPF is as simple as building a resource dictionary and referencing it. Unfortunately, WPF doesn t rule the world (yet), so WPF applications are caught between the Windows themes and WPF styles. The WPF team worked (hacked ) around the problem by implementing a series of WPF styles that mimic all the common Windows themes. When your WPF application
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to the temp file
This value is configurable up to 99.
For now, NHibernate forces you to choose a single cache provider for the whole application. The following providers are released with NHibernate:
CHAPTER 18: iWork: Productivity on Your iPad
Additional Troubleshooting and Help Resources
Setting up your lab environment
Figure 1 14. Objects may have elements, too. In 5, we ll explore some array-only features for manipulating elements. Those make elements in array magical compared to those in an object. It s sort of like how putting on the spidey suit turns ordinary Peter Parker into Spiderman.
Every C# program must contain at least one class. In this case, that class is Hello and its Main method is the program s entry point where execution begins. (A member function of a class is known as a method.) To display the greeting, the program calls:
Variable-Length Parameter Lists
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