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NSString *height; height = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Your height is %d feet, %d inches", 5, 11];
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PS (1) > $processToWatch = get-process application PS (2) > $processToWatch.WaitForExit()
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These mapping can be written using XML. The following mappings are equivalent:
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PS (16) > $gd[13] = 3 Array assignment to [13] failed: The value "13" is not of type " System.String" and cannot be used in this generic collection. Parameter name: key. At line:1 char:5 + $gd[1 <<<< 3] = 3
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Portals typically require integrating several technologies and developing custom functionality. Significant benefit derives from an integrated stack of technologies coupled with a single development environment. If that development environment is also easy to use and leverages common skills, portal development is faster and cheaper. How do you implement the solution We are writing this book from the standpoint of a small- to medium-sized business supporting a contentintensive site. With MCMS, the size of the company is less the issue than the volume of content. MCMS is the proverbial sledgehammer that shouldn t be used to kill fleas. An MCMS solution can be expensive to implement and operate. If the business problem falls in the MCMS sweet spot, implementing MCMS will get you promoted! If MCMS is not a good fit for your business, move along because there s nothing but trouble in this book. So, how do you implement an MCMS solution An MCMS solution springs from a central server where development is managed. The development server will probably support multiple production servers. In the development environment, the site is designed and the templates are created along with any programmatic customization that is required. The primary configuration and management applications are run from here. With MCMS, the primary customization environment is typically Visual Studio; however, other tools may be substituted. Multiple servers may be required for the development environment and certainly multiple developer client machines. Generally speaking, however, server loads are low and there are few concurrent users. The production environment, on the other hand, can experience significant loading. We have included a short section on capacity planning, but it is
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Changing Your E-mail Signature
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Properties are a means of controlling data access that allow for robust error handling and data protection. They are implemented as a pair of methods that control the getting and setting data element values. If only the Get portion of the property is present, the property is read-only. If only the Set portion of the property is present, the property is write-only.
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The last type of command is called a native command. These are external programs (typically executables) that can be executed by the operating system.
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P2V conversion 526 Package Configuration Wizard 717 package configurations 733 package execution 727 package objects 626 packages 621, 623 page count 386, 404 Page Life Expectancy 385, 597 page lock 554 555 page reads 545 page repair 451 page split 546 page-level data locking 298 pages 102 paging 525 pairing target 625 Panorama 639 parallel execution 480 parallel log restore 451 parallel operations 265 parallel tasks 743 executable slots 744 MaxConcurrentExecutables property 744 Parallels Desktop 519 parameter data 222 parameter length issue 212 parameter lists 222 parameter pick-lists 644 parameter placeholders 675, 685 parameter values 654 parameterized queries 211 212 parameterized SQL 211 Parameters table 222 Parent Package Variable 720 parent partition 519, 524 525 partial cache mode 748 Enable Caching 748 Enable Memory Restriction 748 Modify the SQL Statement 748
Enter a dash character as the next menu item.
Two-Finger Twist
It should be read like this: The OpacityMask property needs to be changed. We need to reference the GradientStops collection of the LinearGradientBrush that s the value of the OpacityMask property. We want to reference the first element in the GradientStops collection (item 0), and we want to reference the Offset property of that element. This should give you a hint as to the power and flexibility of the binding notation within XAML although it often will twist your brain figuring out exactly what you need to do, and there are limits to what s possible. Anyway, we re changing the offset of both gradient stops, animating them from 0 to 1, so we have two animations e, g. At the end of the animation, the gradient stops will look like this (including the implied gradient stop):
<Grid.Background> <RadialGradientBrush> <GradientStop Offset="0" Color="{DynamicResource {x:Static SystemColors.DesktopColorKey}}"/> <GradientStop Offset="1" Color="White"/> </RadialGradientBrush> </Grid.Background>
Conversions Between Structs
The last bit of code we need is to override viewDidLoad in FoodViewController.m. All we need to do is add a few lines of code. The image for the UIImageView outlet that was created in the header needs a photo to display. So we simply create a UIImage with the class method call of +imageNamed. This creates an image with the data from the file with the passed name. Setting this image on the UIImageView will make it visible. We also don t need imageName anymore, now that the image has been loaded, so we release it.
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