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title is the title of the file-cast, to be included in the RSS item s <title> element. description is the description of the file-cast, to be included in the RSS item s <description> element. filename is the filename to be used to store the uploaded file (if it s not a remote file). remoteUrl is the URL of the file-cast (if it s not an uploaded file). contentType is the MIME Media Type of the file-cast file. contentLength is the length (in bytes) of the file-cast file. uploadTime is the time that the file-cast was added to the system.
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- (IBAction)hello:(id)sendr;
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Source Code
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CHAPTER 8: Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
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portable phones and having video conversations. Even The Jetsons cartoon in the 1970s had this as a future concept. The iPhone 4 makes that future thinking a reality today. There are a few apps that enable you to make video calls on your iPhone using the front-facing camera. At this time, only one app allows you to use both the front-facing camera and the rear camera: FaceTime.
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Listing 7.1 You can use the RS Web service API to deploy the report definition.
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Figure 15 13. Creating a post-install action
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Figure 20-3. Mediated Model-View-Controller design pattern
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The CaveatEmptor site auctions many different kinds of items, from electronic equipment to airline tickets. Auctions proceed according to the English auction model: users continue to place bids on an item until the bid period for that item expires, and the highest bidder wins. In any store, goods are categorized by type and grouped with similar goods into sections and onto shelves. Your auction catalog requires some kind of hierarchy of item categories. A buyer may browse these categories or arbitrarily search by category and item attributes. Lists of items appear in the category browser and search-result screens. Selecting an item from a list takes the buyer to an item-detail view. An auction consists of a sequence of bids. One particular bid is the winning bid. User details include name, login, address, email address, and billing information. A web of trust is an essential feature of an online auction site. The web of trust allows users to build a reputation for trustworthiness (or untrustworthiness). Buyers may create comments about sellers (and vice versa), and the comments are visible to all other users. A high-level overview of the domain model is shown in figure 3.2. Let s briefly discuss some interesting features of this model.
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LINQ to XML axis methods
C# doesn t have any On Error statement. Error conditions in .NET are communicated through exceptions. See 4 for more details.
Calling Other Languages
This new client registers a sponsor with the lease manager. The HelloSponsor object implements the ISponsor interface by providing a public Renewal method
Comparison of value and reference types Value type Declaration
Setting the stoplist to the keyword system will change from your custom stoplist to the system stoplist. You can also use the word OFF instead of SYSTEM to turn off stopwords altogether for the specified table. If you want to use the standard system set of stopwords instead of using a custom set, use the SYSTEM keyword, as in the previous example. You can also use an INSERT INTO statement to copy the system stopwords into your custom stoplist, and then add or remove words as needed. There may be times when you want to remove only a word or two from a stoplist, but not disassociate the entire list. It's possible to easily remove individual words from the list:
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