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m_isLocalized = true; } return base.DisplayName; } } }
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This C# code shows how to make a type accessible to JavaScript by exposing the default Silverlight page to JavaScript. In reality, you can make any class accessible to the scripting world and will typically create a dedicated class or classes just for that interface. Once a class has been marked as a ScriptableType, all public properties, methods, and events are available to JavaScript. Alternatively, you can decide to only expose select member items. Fortunately, this is also an easy process. To expose member items, you use a similar but different attribute ScriptableMember. The ScriptableMember attribute may be applied to the events, methods, and properties that can be used with script. You add the attribute as shown in this C# code:
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class Person : IGreet { protected string firstName, lastName; // constructor method... public Person(string firstName, string lastName) { this.firstName = firstName; this.lastName = lastName; } public void Greet() { Console.WriteLine("Hello " + firstName + " " + lastName + "!"); } }
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Creating Attributes
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Settings Control Open Button Property (Name) Anchor Text ListBox (Name) Anchor Close Button (Name) Anchor Text Value btnOpen Top, Right &Open lstPhotos Top, Bottom, Left, Right btnClose Bottom &Close
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Included if this is a pre-change notification requested with the NSKeyValueObservingOptionPrior observing option. For changes to an array collection property, this NSIndexSet value contains the indexes that were affected by the insert, removal, or replacement.
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-(void) onScoresReceived:(NSArray*)scores { GameKitHelper* gkHelper = [GameKitHelper sharedGameKitHelper]; [gkHelper showLeaderboard]; }
You use this property to set the dimension style associated with a dimension, tolerance, or leader. To set or change the DimStyle used, simply set or reset the value of this property. Object.StyleName = DimStyleName Table 11-3 shows the StyleName property s parameters. Table 11-3. The StyleName Property s Parameters
firstPress: LINQ to Objects
Like JSON endpoints, SOAP endpoints are updatable services exposed using a service endpoint definition in the web.config. The entry to add for SOAP is
With regular expressions, instead of using * to match any sequence of characters as you would in wildcard patterns, you use .* . And, instead of using to match any single character, you use the dot . instead.
var query = from sourceItem in sequence where some condition select some projection foreach (var item in query) { // work with item }
Set-based iteration
Listing 5.20 Using the EventsVerifier class to test for event values
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