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BLRV (V8) System III System IV System V System V Release 2 System V Release 2.0 BLRV (V9) System V Release 3.0 System V Release 3.1 System V Release 3.2 BLRV (V10) System V Release 4.0 4.3BSD 4.3BSD 4.3BSD 4.3BSD 4.3BSD
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Nullable Types
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MemoryBugsViewController.mm ... #import "MemoryBugsViewController.h" #import "TestClass.h" #import "TestCPPClass.h" ...
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Click on any app to use in the left column, and then click the Add button in the lower-right corner. A window will pop up, asking you to select a file to transfer and click the Open button, as shown in Figure 3 22. The file will be transferred immediately to your iPad.
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Developing NHibernate applications
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Here s the pattern the switch tries to match:
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We re not interested in the score until cards have been drawn and the game is over. The calcScore, while a little long, is simple. It simply checks for a scoring hand starting with a royal flush and ending with jacks or better. The full Hand class is presented in listing 3.2.
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As with the other layout panels, the StackPanel has a collection of Children that it literally shoves one after the other. You set the orientation to either horizontal or vertical to control where the items go (figure 4.11). You might use the StackPanel if you have a series of controls with a set width or height that you want to show up in a row. For example, you might use StackPanel when you have a series of controls in a side panel (like the accordion control in Microsoft Outlook you can expand/contract sections for mail, calendar, tasks, and so on). The controls can all change size, and the other controls will automatically be moved to accommodate the space. Another scenario might be an options dialog where you have a series of subcontrols. Additional controls can be added easily; and, once again, if the size of a particular control changes, the rest of the display will adapt. Figure 4.12 shows a dialog that could be built using stack panels. A horizontally oriented stack panel could hold the selector control on the left and another stack-panel on the right. That stack panel would hold all the other controls such as the authentication and user-information controls. If you need another control, it can be added to the stack without requiring any special handling. Figure 4.13 shows the way the dialog from 4.12 might be constructed using stack panels.
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In the LINQ to Objects and LINQ to SQL sections of this book, you ve seen how the standard query operators allow a common set of query expressions to be used against objects as well as relational data. In this chapter, we ll show how the same standard query operators enable the querying of XML. Before we get to the standard query operators, we need to dive into the LINQ to XML axis methods, since they re the key to enabling the standard query operators to work against XML data. Let s get started.
VPN IPsec tunnel
In this code, the typecast on the last line fails because bd is a proxy instance, and when creating it, NHibernate doesn t know yet that bd is a CreditCard; all it knows is that bd is a BillingDetails. When a method is invoked on the proxy, the call is delegated to an instance of CreditCard that is fetched lazily. To perform a proxy-safe typecast, use Session.Load():
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More efficient methodologies
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In Java, arrays are already objects so the language doesn t need a wrapper class for them. Native arrays in Objective-C are not objects, but they can be wrapped with the NSData class. NSData provides a generic wrapper for any amorphous block of memory. NSData is particularly convenient for insolating you from the underlying C memory allocation functions, letting you create and manage large structures and native C arrays as if they were objects. NSData encapsulates an immutable array of bytes. The NSMutableData subclass manages a modifiable array of bytes. NSData provides methods to obtain the size and starting address of the byte array. NSMutableData extends NSData with methods to adjust the size of the array, and the ability to append, replace, and remove bytes. Table 8-3 lists the common ways of creating NSData objects.
Figure 5-1. WhatNext a super simple task manager
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