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The first class we ll mess with is Engine. To be able to make a copy of an engine, the class needs to adopt the NSCopying protocol. Here is the new interface for Engine:
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Prints counter value
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11.2 Configuring Planet Tool
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CHAPTER 3: Interface Builder
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Notice how the named parameter may appear multiple times in the query string.
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Now that we ve seen at a high level how custom security works, let s examine its implementation details. 15.4.1 Design goals and tradeoffs Here is our hypothetical scenario. In chapter 11, we discussed a possible approach that Adventure Works Cycles can follow to implement the My Orders feature. As you will probably recall, this feature allows AWC web-based customers to view their order history. The implementation approach in chapter 11 relied on the AWReportViewer control for rendering the Customer Orders report via SOAP on the server side. Let s now change our implementation approach by allowing the customers to request the report by URL on the client side of the application. This approach has a number of advantages, including simplicity and a rich user experience. Because the report is now requested by URL, we can add interactive features to the report, such as toggling visibility, drilldown, and so on. While we can reap the benefits that URL access has to offer, we shouldn t compromise the application s security in doing so. To ensure secure access to the Report Server, we will use a custom security extension to authenticate and authorize the report requests. Here are the high-level requirements for our solution: Allow customers to access reports by URL. Enforce restricted access to the Report Server by implementing a custom security extension. Authenticate users against a user profile store. In our case, the profile store will be represented by the Individuals table in the AdventureWorks2000 database.
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A compiled menu file (.mnc extension) A source menu file (.mns extension)
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- (void)finishWorking { if(![NSThread isMainThread]) { [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(finishWorking) withObject:nil waitUntilDone:NO]; return; } NSString *resultsSummary = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"First: [%@]\nSecond: [%@]", self.firstResult, self.secondResult]; [resultsTextView setString:resultsSummary]; NSDate *endTime = [NSDate date]; NSLog(@"Completed in %f seconds", [endTime timeIntervalSinceDate:startTime]); self.isWorking = NO; }
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Element name Name:
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run a specific number of times. The total number of times is represented as the value before the x. If the RepeatBehavior is set to 2.0x, the animation will run two times; if the value is set to 5.0x, it ll run five times. These types of values can have a significant impact on your animations. If the value before the x is greater than 1.0, you may notice a jerk between the iterations of the animation because, unless your animation ends with the same value as it started, it ll need to jump to the start to be reset. If the value before the x is less than 1.0, you ll notice that the animation will stop before the animation has completed because the RepeatBehavior takes precedence over the Duration property. This can have significant implications if you specify a time value as shown in the last three bars of figure 22.3. By specifying a specific length of time for the RepeatBehavior, you re informing the Timeline to repeat until the specified time has elapsed. This length of time can be specified using the TimeSpan format. Or, you can specify the Forever value to make the Timeline run until you programmatically force the animation to stop. Either way, at times you may want a more cyclical animation. For these situations, you may want to consider the AutoReverse property.
CHAPTER 7: Dragging, Rotating, and Scaling
The pillars of good tests
10. KVO cannot, however, observe changes made to properties through direct assignment, as in
CHAPTER 10: Working with Files
Working with layouts
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