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In the same dialog box, also select the Page Break At End option to generate a page break after the employee group is generated. Then, move the tblEmployeeSales region inside the list region and remove all groups from it. As a result, the table region is now nested inside the list region, so both regions are synchronized. Laying out the report Given that we are no longer confined to static columns, we can choose to lay out the employee fields anywhere we want. We can also add as many fields as desired without being restricted to static columns. For instance, we ve added the Bonus field from the report dataset. Had the AdventureWorks sample database stored pictures of the employees, we could have added an image report item to display the employee photos as well. Finally, we enclose all employee fields in a rectangle to prevent some of the fields from being pushed down by the table region. Because the list region now groups the data by employee, the table region needs to show only the product sales in a tabular form. We define a table header and footer to show the table region labels and totals, respectively.
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PS (26) > $user = @{ FirstName = "John"; LastName = "Smith"; >> PhoneNumber = "555-1212" } PS (27) > $user Key --LastName FirstName PhoneNumber Value ----Smith John 555-1212
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Moving into the RootViewController implementation file, we need to set up how the category names are going to be displayed. First, we need to create our category names and hold onto them for later. We will store our array of names in the Categories field that we previously created. In RootViewController.m, we override the -viewDidLoad method to set up what we need. First, as always, we call [super viewDidLoad] to let the superclass respond to the loaded view as normal. We create the array with all of the names we want and set
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The Database Exposure Survey 2007, David Litchfield, Next Generation Security Software.
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Entering and displaying rich text
The URL syntax is not case sensitive. Note the question mark that prefixes the ResourcePath argument. It is easy to miss (we ve done it many times), but if you omit it, the URL request will fail. Notice that when you submit URL requests from the browser, the browser URLescapes the string. For example, / is encoded as %2f. You don t have to do this explicitly when you define static hyperlinks or submit URL requests programmatically, because the browser (or the Web Browser ActiveX control) handles this automatically for you. Now that you re familiar with the URL syntax, let s see how to request RS resources by URL. 10.2.2 Requesting resources by URL With RS you are not limited to requesting just reports. Instead, you can ask the Report Server to return any resource stored in the report catalog, such as folders and data sources. For example, you may have a web page that needs to show the Adventure Works Cycles (AWC) logo, which is stored as an image file in the report catalog. To accomplish this, you can set the image source to the URL address of the image item, as shown here:
Figure 8.2 This message box is displayed when the album contains an unrecognized version number.
a. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click on the MyPhotoAlbum project. b. Select Add Inherited Form from the Add menu. c. Enter the name PhotoEditDlg.
One more sign of becoming a grown-up scripter is understanding the importance of naming conventions. Usually that understanding hits you when you open a large production script you (or someone else) wrote a few months ago to make some changes fix some problems, add new features, and so on. Unless you re blessed with superhuman memory, you ll naturally have forgotten all the details of how it works over time, so you ll need to learn how it works all over again. Unfortunately, if the author of the code didn t bother to pick good, descriptive, consistent names for any of
In many of the examples we ve seen so far, we ve used variables. Now let s look at the actual details of PowerShell variables. First off, PowerShell variables aren t declared; they re just created as needed on first assignment. There also isn t really any such thing as an uninitialized variable. If you reference a variable that does not exist yet, the system will return the value $null (although it won t actually create a variable).
Listing 3-17. Property Listener Callback for Audio File Stream Services void propertyListenerCallback (void *inClientData, AudioFileStreamID inAudioFileStream, AudioFileStreamPropertyID inPropertyID, UInt32 *ioFlags) { SimpleStreamer *self = (SimpleStreamer *)inClientData; OSStatus err = noErr; UInt32 propertySize; if (inPropertyID == kAudioFileStreamProperty_ReadyToProducePackets) { // The stream is ready to produce audio packets // Get the audio format AudioStreamBasicDescription dataFormat; propertySize = sizeof(dataFormat); err = AudioFileStreamGetProperty(inAudioFileStream, kAudioFileStreamProperty_DataFormat, &propertySize, &dataFormat); // Create the play queue AudioQueueRef playQueue; err = AudioQueueNewOutput(&dataFormat, postPlayCallback, self, NULL, kCFRunLoopCommonModes, 0, &playQueue); [self setPlayQueue:playQueue]; // Set up audio buffer structures for (int i=0; i<kNumAQBufs; i++) { self.playQueueDataRecs[i].queuedCondition = [[NSCondition alloc] init]; err = AudioQueueAllocateBuffer(playQueue, kAQBufSize, &(self.playQueueDataRecs[i].buffer)); } self.currentBufferIndex = 0; // Lock the initial buffer, which is where we'll start writing data. NSCondition *queuedCondition = (NSCondition *)self.playQueueDataRecs[0].queuedCondition;
Using stubs to break dependencies
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