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// // // // // // file : person.cs version : compile : csc /target:library /out:person1000\person.dll person1000\person.cs note : compile from parent directory
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#include <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> #import "MyClass.h" The C compiler knows nothing about the classes or symbols defined in other files. To use any class or symbol, the source code being compiled must first define it. This is different than the Java compiler which automatically finds and interprets other .java files to obtain the definitions of other classes. Clearly, it s impractical to type in the definition of every class or symbol that you plan to use. The C community long ago settled on a simple organization of files to solve this problem. Each module is divided into two files: a source file and a header file. Objective-C source files, sometimes called implementation files, contain the code for methods and are saved with a .m file extension. The header file, sometimes called the interface file, contains only the class definitions, variables, and constants that the programmer wants to make public for use by other modules. Source files inevitably begin with a series of #include and #import statements to acquire the definitions that the module requires, like the one shown in Listing 2-17. This is then followed by the code to implement the methods in that module. In practice, this is analogous to Java s import statement. But instead of simply declaring the package names being brought into scope (and leaving Java to go find those definitions), the #import directive inserts the contents of a module s header file to declare the needed classes and constants. Java requires that an entire class be defined in a single file. While it s possible to include more than one Java class in a file, it is not possible to split a class up across several files. Objective-C has no such restriction, but defining your entire class in a single source file is a highly recommended arrangement. Objective-C s categories described in an upcoming chapter are a formal programming pattern for subdividing a single class into multiple parts. But until you start writing categories, place all of the definitions for a class in a header file named after that class (i.e. MyClass.h), and all of the code that implements the methods of that class in a source file with the same name (i.e. MyClass.m). The MyClass.m file should begin by importing its MyClass.h file. Follow that with #import
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Timers, a reoccurring event that has a predefined interval, are a common construct, and most Visual Basic programmers have used a timer at some point. Timers meet a common need of performing an operation after a ceratin amount of time has passed. This chapter focuses on timers available in the .NET framework.
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CHAPTER 5: Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity
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XSL formatting options within the Web Part properties in the browser
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public class PubControlModuleParser implements ModuleParser { public String getNamespaceUri() { return PubControlModule.URI; } public Module parse(Element elem) { Namespace ns = Namespace.getNamespace(PubControlModule.URI); PubControlModule module = new PubControlModuleImpl() Element control = elem.getChild("control", ns); if (control != null) { Element draft = control.getChild("draft", ns); if (draft != null && "yes".equals(draft.getText())) module.setDraft(true); else if (draft != null && "no".equals(draft.getText())) module.setDraft(true); else module = null; } return module; } }
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App Store Ch. 26
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Using synchronized queues
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PS (16) > $uniq = $words | sort -uniq PS (17) > $uniq.count 533
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<property name="hibernate.use_reflection_optimizer">false</property>
CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
<CommandUIDefinition Location="Ribbon.ContextualTabs._children"> <!-- Tab --> </CommandUIDefinition>
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