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scheduled task 468 scheduler 603 scheduling 332 page 332 Schema modification lock 415, 553 Schema Stability lock 553 SCHEMA_OBJECT_CHANGE _GROUP 673 schemas 271 SCOM 2007 370 Script method 363 Script Task 732 script tasks 723 ScriptDrops property 363 Scripter object 362 scripting 326, 362 SCSI buse 523 SCVMM 2008 526 527 See also System Center Virtual Machine Manager seamless upgrade 449 search box 176 search engines 176 search procedures 238, 245 search query 240 search response time 234 search routines 237 search string 234 236, 238 239, 251, 254 restriction 237 searched update 215 stored procedures 215 searches 183 secondary XML indexes 132 types 132 XQuery performance efficiency 132 Secure Sockets Layer 655 security 326 327, 402 infrastructure 276 patches 300 updates 299 Security Audit feature 623 Security Log 368 Security Support Provider Interface 646 seeks 385 seek operator 429 seek overhead 425 seek performance 425 seek predicate 429 segments 423 See also partitions SELECT 93, 116, 184, 404, 406, 408, 546, 578 SELECT trigger 671 XML result 295
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<asp:Label ID= label runat= server Text= Enter text here AssociatedControlID= textBox /> <asp:TextBox ID= textBox runat= server ToolTip= Enter text here /> <asp:Button ID= button runat= server Text= Click me ToolTip= Click here to submit
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CHAPTER 11: Isometric Tilemaps
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12.3.1 Running against backups
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Since the tasks are executing on multiple threads, any shared data must be protected using some form of synchronization mechanism, such as ReaderWriterLock, Monitor, or a synchronization lock. Care should be taken to ensure that deadlock does not occur since the control provided to a thread in a thread pool is limited.
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If you can see your Apple ID (usually your email address) in the upper right corner instead of the Sign In button, then you are logged into the store.
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Figure 3-12. Selecting the data provider
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