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14.5.3 Connecting to sockets
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The -listenThread method will read all of the data coming in from the network, and we ll actually write that method a bit later on, after we re finished with the data transmission code. Let s not forget the dealloc. Even though this object will stick around for the lifetime of the application, adding dealloc is a good habit:
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When you ve made your move, it should be sent from your device to the web service and appended to the game. Instead of waiting for the request to be sent and the server to respond, thereby leaving the application irresponsive to the user, we ll handle the request asynchronously. It s a bit more code than the one-liner you used before, but the user will be happy not having to sit with an application that s locked up. NOTE: As an alternative to asynchronous calls, you could use synchronous calls and encapsulate them in an NSOperation, which is executed on its own thread. In Deep Green I ve encapsulated all server communication in a singleton class that manages a request queue (an NSOperationQueue) and makes sure they re all dealt with successfully before being removed from the queue. It notifies if something goes wrong, giving the implicated controllers a chance to report any error to the user. It persists the queue to the file system so that it can be re-created in case the user quits the application before the request has been received by the server. And the server code handles duplicate requests gracefully to deal with the situations where the application didn t get the response from the server and therefore thinks it needs to send the request again.
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TV-Out: Widescreen
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IExecuteResult exposes a ReturnValue of type Object and the ability to access parameter values to the parameters. If the procedure returns a list of objects that we can strongly type, we ll typically cast the ReturnValue as an ISingleResult<T> E. If it can return different types based on internal processing, we would use the IMultipleResults implementation, which allows us to access a specific type via the generic GetResult<TElement> method. Retrieving data via stored procedures is not limited to returning tables and result sets. They can just as easily return scalar values. Listing 8.13 demonstrates consuming the BookCountForPublisher stored procedure to return the count of the books for a given publisher. We don t return a result set, but rather rely on the return parameter, which contains the resulting count. As in the previous example, we call the procedure using the ExecuteMethodCall method of the DataContext.
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Although this little application has only two scriptable commands, it can be quite useful. It allows you to use AppleScript to upload and download files to and from the Internet.
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firstPress: LINQ to Objects
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name:GKPlayerAuthenticationDidChangeNotificationName object:nil]; }
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I love the code I don t have to write. It s all handled in the markup and the view model, so you don t need any forwarding code at all. The controls in the view bind to a command that exists somewhere in the binding path. Assuming you have the page s data context set to the view model, the markup to bind to the exposed view-model command looks like this:
fascinating to play this game, trying to come up with interesting scores and just the right placement of leaves. Before you know it, an hour has passed.
void MyVoidFunction( int myParam );
Dynamic Management Views return server state information useful in diagnosing server health and tuning performance. The values returned by some DMVs, including the ones in this section, are reset when the SQL Server instance restarts. Before making any decisions that are based on DMV results, consider when the instance was last restarted to ensure the DMV results are representative of the full range of database access patterns, for example, daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Taking a database offline, or using the AUTOCLOSE option, will also reset certain DMV values. Links to various DMV scripts and further details are available at http://www.sqlCrunch.com/index.
Displaying and capturing media
<%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="HelloService1" %> // file: // description: helloservice1.asmx hello web service - basic version
13.6 Extensibility
Listing 14 10. Retrieving a List of Scores from a Leaderboard -(void) retrieveScoresForPlayers:(NSArray*)players category:(NSString*)category range:(NSRange)range playerScope:(GKLeaderboardPlayerScope)playerScope timeScope:(GKLeaderboardTimeScope)timeScope { GKLeaderboard* leaderboard = nil; if ([players count] > 0) { leaderboard = [[[GKLeaderboard alloc] initWithPlayerIDs:players] autorelease]; } else { leaderboard = [[[GKLeaderboard alloc] init] autorelease]; leaderboard.playerScope = playerScope; } if (leaderboard != nil) { leaderboard.timeScope = timeScope; leaderboard.category = category; leaderboard.range = range; [leaderboard loadScoresWithCompletionHandler: ^(NSArray* scores, NSError* error) { [self setLastError:error]; [delegate onScoresReceived:scores]; }]; } }
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