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Authentication models: using Windows or creating your own A distinguishing feature of RS role-based security is that it is fully customizable. By default, RS relies on Windows authentication to authenticate users. This configuration will probably meet the security needs of most intranet-based applications. For
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Listing 1-55. The ToLookup Method Converts the Query Expression Result into a Lookup(Of String, Salary) Type.
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The ArrayList class is a collection of indexed objects where the number of objects can change dynamically. This class is part of the System.Collections namespace, and is very similar to the Array class for fixed-length collections of objects. The ArrayList class supports the ICloneable, IEnumerable, ICollection, and IList interfaces. Public Properties Capacity Count Add AddRange Clear Contains CopyTo Public Methods IndexOf Gets or sets the maximum number of objects the list can contain. Gets or sets the actual number of objects in the array. Adds an object to the end of the array. Adds the elements from an ICollection interface to the end of the array. Removes all objects from the array. Determines if an object is in the array. Comparison is done using the Object.Equals method. Copies the ArrayList, or a portion of it, into a one-dimensional Array object. Returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence of the given object in the array, or 1 if the object is not found. Comparison is done using the Object.Equals method. Removes an object from the array. Removes the object at a given index from the array. Sorts the array, using an IComparable interface to compare objects. Sets the capacity of the array to the actual number of objects in it.
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Figure 1.1 Amazon originally deployed a large IT infrastructure to support its global e-commerce platform. In less than 18 months after making the platform available as a cloud service to external users, its usage, as measured by amount of bandwidth consumed, outstripped bandwidth used internally.
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In SQL Server 2005 and later, Microsoft uses the SQL Server Browser service to decouple IP assignment and port broadcasting functionality from the SQL Server instance,
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Figure 8 1. The traditional options for dealing with arrays: 1) Give up, drop out of engineering, and go home, or 2) get committed and do whatever it takes to learn this torturous material!
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private static Rectangle _drawRect = new Rectangle(0,0,45,45);
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12.2.1 Create a mobile adapter To provide the alternate rendering of the Silverlight-based Task Count Web Part, the first thing you need to do is build a new control adapter. Building this adapter doesn t require any changes to the original Web Part and therefore you can create a new empty SharePoint project. The project has to be a farm solution because registering the control adapter requires that you edit the compat. browser file or add a new custom browser definition file. (The latter is preferred because updates to SharePoint or ASP.NET might overwrite the original files.) Control adapters for Web Parts derive from the WebPartMobileAdapter, which is based on the generic control adapter class Figure 12.5 Control adapters are used to ControlAdapter object. The first thing to do create a mobile representation of a Web Part. is to add a new class file to the project and give The Windows Mobile 6.5 phone in this figure it a name. I recommend that the name always shows the number of tasks from the Task end with MobileAdapter; in this example, Count Web Part using text rather than the name the class TaskCountMobileAdapter. Silverlight application. Once you create the class, you need to create the alternate interface, using the code in the following listing (see figure 12.5).
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Here you are declaring properties to manage the red, green, blue, and alpha values, a method to create a color and another to update the Color Well. If you are used to earlier versions of Objective-C, the @property declaration may be new. This is Objective-C v2.0 syntax and provides an effective shortcut for variables that would normally have getter
Table 20.11 Supported raw media FourCC codes in Silverlight Description Raw, uncompressed RGB pixels with an alpha component. Silverlight currently ignores the alpha component during processing. YUV 12. This is a common media output format used in many codecs.
Extracting the tracks
hand This is a string representation of a poker hand. For example, "TD JD QD KD AD" denotes a royal flush in diamonds. score This is the score assigned to the hand. Strictly speaking, it is not necessary to store the score since it depends on the hand and can be recomputed by the application. (In fact, doing so creates a non-key dependency of score on hand.) However, it is more convenient and efficient to store the score when it is available for free at the time the game is played and the record created. Omitting the score column would make it impossible to use SQL to compute the amount paid out and the profit. bet The amount the player bet on this hand. With the games table in place, we can use the following SQL statement to retrieve the total amounts taken in and paid out, and the profit for our poker machine:
Listing 1 Creating and populating the dbo.Test table
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Part 2 Developing SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
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