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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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Because this is a mobile page representation of the original Web Part page, the SPFile object must be retrieved using the Url QueryString parameter. Two controls are added: the an SPMobileLabel control and a PhoneCall control. B The SPMobileLabel control and other mobile controls have a weight. The weight of the controls is used to determine pagination of mobile web part pages. You can set the Weightless property of the SPMobileLabel control to true to exclude the control from the pagination calculation. The PhoneCall control is a standard ASP.NET control that renders the phone number on the device differently, as explained earlier, depending on the device s capabilities.
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XDocument msdnDoc = XDocument.Load("http://msdn.microsoft.com/rss.xml");
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You will also notice that some messages show a number and a right-facing arrow (>) to This shows that there are two related the right of the message, like this: messages (replies and forwards) to the message shown. Tap any message to open it. The only time it will not open is if there are related messages. In that case, you will first see a screen with all the related messages. Tap any of those messages to open and view them. To leave the Inbox view, tap the button in the upper left corner. You can tell which email account you are viewing by looking at the button in the upper left corner. If the button says Mailboxes, you know you are looking at all your inboxes together. If the button says an account name, such as martin@madesimplelearning.com, then you know you are only looking at the inbox for that account.
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WCF RIA Services
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s a consultant, I have helped several companies, big and small, integrate test-driven development and unit testing into their organizational culture. Sometimes this has failed, but those companies that succeeded had several things in common. This chapter draws on stories from both camps as it looks at the following topics:
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CHAPTER 2: Introducing the Xcode Workspace
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known formats for part numbers. As new products are added to the known good source of part numbers, new patterns will be included in the profile, and the rule will be adjusted dynamically. It s worth noting that this type of data-quality check is often implemented as a soft rule, so the row is not prohibited from entering the data warehouse. After all, the manufacturer may have implemented a new part-numbering scheme, or the part number could have come from a new manufacturer that is not in the Product dimension yet. Instead of redirecting the row to an error table, you might set a flag on the row indicating that there is a question as to the quality of the information, but allow it to enter the data warehouse anyway. This would allow the part number to be used for recording sales of that product, while still identifying a need for someone to follow up and verify that the part number is correct. Once they have validated the part number, and corrected it if necessary, the questionable data flag would be removed, and that product could become part of the known good set of products. The next time that you generate a Column Pattern profile against the part numbers, the new pattern will be included, and new rows that conform to it will no longer be flagged as questionable. As mentioned earlier, implementing this type of logic in your ETL process can allow it to dynamically adjust data-quality rules over time, and as your data quality gets better, the ETL process will get better at flagging questionable data. Now let s take a look at how to use the task output in the package.
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CHAPTER 12: Exceptions, Signals, Errors, and Debugging
ADD THE NEXT AND PREVIOUS TOOLBAR BUTTONS Action 10 In the ToolBarButton Collection Editor, add three new toolbar buttons.
Figure 3.8 Internet Explorer-hosted video poker
The Zinio app takes a unique approach. This app is free in the App Store, and it gives you the ability to subscribe to hundreds of magazine titles. Reading an article in Zinio requires a few simple steps. 1. 2. 3. Login into the Zinio app. You automatically go the My Library section that has some free magazines you can download. Download any free samples or choose the Shop button to purchase magazines. Some magazines may be giving away full, free issues. Just look in the My Library section to see what is available.
Server management challenges
You should be starting to have a good picture now of how the Model-View-Controller pattern is used in Cocoa. It really is a core aspect of Cocoa development, and as you embark on new applications it is worth some initial planning to identify your Models, Controllers, and Views. This was intended only to be a brief foray into underlying technologies, and there will be one or two similar diversions as the book goes on. For now, however, it s time to get back to the tools. In 7, you will take a detailed look at Xcode s debugging tools.
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