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utoCAD provides you with a number of methods to create the drawing entities users normally access through the application window. Nearly every drawing entity that you can create and manipulate through the AutoCAD GUI has an equivalent object with associated properties and methods in the AutoCAD object model. In this chapter I cover the majority of drawing entities that you can create as single AutoCAD objects, including the following: The Arc, Circle, and Ellipse objects Lines of finite and infinite length, such as the Line, Ray, and Polyline objects Solid, Hatch, and Region compound objects
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To refresh a single item, right-click the item and choose Refresh from the context menu. To refresh all containers in the Site Manager, use the Global Refresh tool.
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Testing functional dependencies for Qty CustomerID 12 Product Gizmo Dooble Qty 10 10 TotalPrice 125.00 170.00 OrderTotal 125.00
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<configuration> <system.web> <authorization> <allow roles="Managers;Administrators"/> <deny users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </configuration>
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A couple of interesting points are raised by the results. As you can see, the update statement is present twice (because the table needs to be read to qualify rows for the update, which is why both SELECT and UPDATE actions appear for the UPDATE statement), even though the transaction it was in was rolled back. Also note that the statement for the update is the autoparameterized version, rather than the statement text. Database audits don t capture any before or after data images for DML actions.
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{ book.Title, book.Price }; var pagedTitles = query.Skip(2); var titlesToShow = pagedTitles.Take(2); ObjectDumper.Write(titlesToShow);
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<riaControls:DomainDataSource x:Name="DataSource" AutoLoad="True" QueryName="GetEmployees"> <riaControls:DomainDataSource.DomainContext> <domain:EmployeeContext /> </riaControls:DomainDataSource.DomainContext> </riaControls:DomainDataSource>
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The ValidateSalaryAndLevelAsync class calls out to the web service and validates the salary and the level. If the web service says the values are valid, the underlying fields are updated. If it says the values are invalid, it sets up error messages for the fields. For grins, on an invalid return, it also validates the level number itself. There are other ways to handle this type of validation, of course. You could have a separate local client method that evaluates the level and call that either asynchronously or synchronously from the client. You could also have the web service return error messages. Also, for simplicity, the web service client code is in the Employee entity class. In a real application, I strongly encourage you to separate this code out into a separate service client layer that is, at most, loosely coupled to the Employee entity. See chapter 16 on the ViewModel pattern for guidance on this and other topics.
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application, the Resources attributes will still be in use; if you remove a resource, you may want to manually update any elements using the declarative resource. Declarative resources are those defined within your Silverlight application. These resources can be created at either design time or runtime. In addition, declarative resources can be added, edited, and removed at runtime through the readily available Resources property. In addition to declarative resources, Silverlight has another type of resource known as loose resources.
Use the From query settings to define data-driven lookup parameter datasets.
Table 11.6 File Files installed by the ReportViewer redistributable component Description
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