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Use the InsertBlock method to add a BlockReference object to a drawing or to nest a block in another Block object. This can be either a block in the Blocks collection or an external drawing file. In either case, this method returns a BlockReference object. The PaperSpace, ModelSpace, and Block objects expose this method. Set BlockReferenceObject = Object.InsertBlock(InsertionPoint, BlockName, _ Xscale, Yscale, ZScale, RotationAngle) Table 13-4 explains this method s parameters. Table 13-4. The InsertBlock Method s Parameters
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} catch (Exception ex) { errormessage = ex.Message; } }
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say_hello() --this works now, causing the code in the say_hello handler to run to say_hello() display dialog "Hello!" end say_hello
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position; velocity; life; size; grow; decay;
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// ...accounting for differences in endianness int32_t x = CFSwapInt32BigToHost(packet->x); int32_t y = CFSwapInt32BigToHost(packet->y); update.position = CGPointMake(x, y); [_delegate networkController:self didReceiveUpdate:update fromAddress:addressData]; }
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Now save your work by entering S, and give yourself a pat on the back. You have worked through the header and implementation files at a much deeper level than in previous chapters. Even though you have walked through some of these technical functions before, you braved them again while remaining open to a deeper understanding. Also, you tackled a very difficult concept: synthesis.
The XML browser application looks at its own XAML hierarchically.
e-mail addresses in the To field. In addition, you may want to change the schedule duration to a shorter interval, such as every five minutes. Don t forget to stop the schedule or dissociate the report from it when you have finished experimenting to prevent filling up your e-mail box. That s it! At this point the standard e-mail subscription is scheduled and ready for execution. When the schedule is up, the Report Server generates the Employee Sales Freeform with Chart report and mails it to the specified recipients. 12.3.2 Archiving reports to a file share In this scenario, you archive the Territory Sales by Quarter report that you authored in chapter 8 each time its underlying data is refreshed. As you probably recall, you configured this report to be executed as a snapshot that is refreshed on a quarterly basis. You set the snapshot execution process to be triggered by a shared schedule. This time you ll extend this example by creating a subscription that runs each time the snapshot is refreshed. The subscription exports the report in PDF and uses the file share delivery extension to save the report as a file to a network share. 437
Dim result as DialogResult = _ MessageBox.Show("The file already exists. Overwrite ", "File Exists", _ MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question, _ MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1) If result = DialogResult.Yes Then WriteFile() End If Else WriteFile() End If End Sub Private Sub WriteFile() Dim swriter As New StreamWriter(txtFilename.Text, False, _ System.Text.Encoding.ASCII) swriter.WriteLine(txtFileData.Text) swriter.Close() End Sub //C# using System.IO; private void cmdWriteFile_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { if(File.Exists(txtFilename.Text)) { DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show("The file already exists. Overwrite ", "File Exists", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1); if(result==DialogResult.Yes) { WriteFile(); } } else { WriteFile(); } } private void WriteFile() { StreamWriter swriter = new StreamWriter(txtFilename.Text, false, System.Text.Encoding.ASCII); swriter.WriteLine(txtFileData.Text); swriter.Close(); }
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