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You have the original files for your project and you have set up a Subversion repository. Now it is time to get the project under source-code management. Open Xcode if it is not already open. Close any projects that may be open. Find the SCM menu and choose the menu item Configure SCM Repositories... This will bring up the Xcode Preferences window at the SCM panel. Click on the Add button to create a new repository configuration: in the drop-down window give it a name like Local SVN repository. Make sure that the type of repository is set as Subversion; Xcode will also allow source-code management using other systems, such as Perforce and the older CVS, but these are much less common now than Subversion. You then need to add the Subversion settings. In the URL: box type in the location of the new repository in URI format; that is, file:///Users/ianpiper/Documents/subversion_work/svn. Hit the Tab key, and Xcode fills in the Scheme and Path boxes automatically (see Figure 10 5).
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23.1.1 Syntax errors
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Figure 7 9. Converting a NodeList to an array for Internet Explorer Firefox, Safari, and Opera convert the NodeList to an array by way of the try block, while Internet Explorer does so by way of the catch block, which JavaScript runs in the event that the try block throws an error. Because you are running the code in Firefox, you need to make the try block throw an error in order to test the catch block. To do so, simply mistype the myNodeList identifier in the parameter list and then click Run: var myArray, i, j, myNodeList = document. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[3]. childNodes; try { myArray = Array.prototype.slice.call(myNodes, 0); } catch (errorObject) { myArray = []; for (i = 0, j = myNodeList.length; i < j; i += 1) { myArray[i] = myNodeList[i]; } } myArray instanceof Array; // true Both our try path, which Firefox, Safari, and Opera will take, and our inelegant catch path, which only Internet Explorer will take, run fine. Note that, whenever you loop through a NodeList and do not add or delete nodes from it within the body of the loop, you can improve performance by saving the length member to a variable. Why would that be length, like any other member in a NodeList, is a live
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Advanced data templates and binding
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Cocoa programming
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Listing 4.10 A Web Part that has two custom verbs
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CSV alternative to web query wizards
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Variant Variant
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Comparing Revisions and Rolling Back
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Tools for working in XAML
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Software is simple. It boils down to two things: code and data. Writing software is not so simple, and one of the major activities it involves is writing code that deals with data. To write code, we can choose from a variety of programming languages. The selected language for an application may depend on the business context, on developer preferences, on the development team s skills, on the operating system, or on company policy. Whatever language you end up with, at some point you will have to deal with data. This data can be in files on a disk, tables in a database, or XML documents coming from the Web, or often you have to deal with a combination of all of these. Ultimately, managing data is a requirement for every software project you ll work on. Given that dealing with data is such a common task for developers, we would expect rich software development platforms like the .NET Framework to provide an easy way to do it. .NET does provide wide support for working with data. You will see, however, that something had yet to be achieved: deeper language and data integration. This is where LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL fit in. The technologies we present in this book have been designed as a new way to write code. This book has been written by developers for developers, so don t be afraid: You won t have to wait too long before you are able to write your first lines of LINQ code! In this chapter, we will quickly introduce hello world pieces of code to give you hints on what you will discover in the rest of the book. The aim is that, by the end of the book, you will be able to tackle real-world projects while being convinced that LINQ is a joy to work with. The intent of this first chapter is to give you an overview of LINQ and to help you identify the reasons to use it. We will start by providing an overview of LINQ and the LINQ toolset, which includes LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL. We will then review some background information to clearly understand why we need LINQ and where it comes from. The second half of this chapter will guide you while you make your first steps with LINQ code.
C.3.5 Interapplication communication (IAC)
The Standard module file (.bas) generally contains procedures and declarations that other modules in your application can access. The Standard module can contain global (available to the entire application) or module-level declarations of procedures, variables, constants, and programmer-defined data types. Your application does not have to use the code that you write in a Standard module. The Standard module gives you a place to put code that may be used frequently and that you would like to have handy when the need arises. Code modules may also include subroutines or functions that you will use frequently throughout your programs.
Microsoft product support services (PSS) 340 Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection 124 Microsoft Virtual Server. See virtualization migrating databases 67 mirror commit overhead 253 mirror database 238 mirror instance 238 mirroring backups 210 mirroring session 240 missing index 314 missingindexes XML element 307 MissingIndexGroup XML element 309 mission-critical database 231 mixed extent 266 Mixed Mode authentication 65, 98 MNS. See Majority Node Set model database 169, 173, 204, 239 monitoring instance 236 monitoring regime 350 monitoring tools 330 monthly tasks 420 mount points 171 MPIO. See Microsoft Multipath I/O msdb database 166, 239, 367 MSDTC 91 multi-server queries 160 multi-file backups 199 multipathing 36 multiple column statistics 321 multiple data files 171 multiple standby destinations 230 MySQL 148
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27.3 Other resources you ll grow to love
Dimensional modeling
SQL Server Compact Edition doesn t run as a Windows service that clients connect to
Figure 8 Reviewing the space used after dropping a column
4.5.1 Atom by example
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