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GetItemText Public Methods
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// Paint the current image Photograph photo = _album.CurrentPhoto; pbxPhoto.Image = photo.Image; // Update the status bar. sbpnlFileName.Text = photo.FileName; sbpnlImageSize.Text = String.Format ("{0:#} x {1:#}", photo.Image.Width, photo.Image.Height ); statusBar1.ShowPanels = true; // Indicate the album is empty pbxPhoto.Image = null; statusBar1.Text = "No Photos in Album"; statusBar1.ShowPanels = false;
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Once you ve created the view, don t forget to grant permissions to it for the database login that the AW2000 Shared DS data source uses to log in to the AdventureWorks2000 database. Configuring the e-mail data-driven extension Now it is time to create the subscription. Open the Report Manager portal and navigate to the Customer Orders report. Click the Subscriptions tab and choose New Data-driven Subscription.
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Here you are setting the emission range to fall between 2,500 and 5,000 particles a second. That is a huge amount! This is why you are going to emit particles for only a tenth of a second.
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PS (14) x is 1 y is 2 args is PS (15) x is 1 y is 2 args is > a 1 2 3
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The code snippet in Listing 1-21 retrieves the Integer type s methods ordered by their names. See Figure 1-14 for the output.
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(void)reachabilityChanged:(NSNotification *)notification; (void)updateNetworkStatus;
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Time slice, or quantum Things are often not what they seem. When we go see a movie in a theater, the images seem to flow from one to another in a seamless way. In reality, many separate images are presented on the screen and our brain maps them together to form a continuous image. OSs do a similar sleight of hand with threads. Multiple threads seem to execute at the same time. This is accomplished by giving each thread in the system a tiny amount of time to do its work and then switching to another one. This happens very quickly, and the user of the system is typically unaware that a switch has occurred. The amount of time a thread has to do its work is called a time slice, or quantum. The duration of
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beginning of the file:
7. On the Data Access Server Account screen, enter the DAS account of the source management group. Add the DAS account used in the source management group to the destination management group s MOM service group. This will allow the source management group to add alerts to the OnePoint database on the destination management group. Figure 10-7 shows the Data Access Server Account screen.
That took a bit of work. As we mentioned earlier in the book, you can reduce the amount of time spent drawing forms in Visual Studio by sketching out your controls on paper before using Visual Studio. While not illustrated in these pages, I really did sketch the Photo tab page by hand before creating this page in Visual Studio .NET. With our controls defined, we are ready for our data binding discussion. 17.4.2 PERFORMING SIMPLE BINDING The binding of controls to data involves four distinct roles, each with a corresponding class. These correspond to the work performed by the .NET Framework on behalf of bound controls, namely tracking which data has been bound to which control, managing a bound data source, tracking specific bindings to a control, and managing the actual bindings. A summary of these roles, along with the Windows Forms class and property related to these roles, is outlined in the following table:
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this.Controls.Add(new SPMobileLabel() { Text = string.Format("{0} Tasks", list.ItemCount) } ); } } protected override void CreateControlsForSummaryView() { base.CreateControlsForSummaryView(); } }
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