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I need to examine property and variable contents to make sure they contain what I think they contain.
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if ( 0 == strncmp( "Hello", "Goodbye", 5 ) ) printf( "The strings are equal!" );
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<PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role:="Managers")> _ Public Class salaryReport Inherits System.Web.UI.Page '... End Class [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role="Managers")] public class SalaryReport : System.Web.UI.Page { //... }
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namespace GraphingWithShapes { public class NameValuePair { public NameValuePair() { }
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-- Isolate top waits for server instance WITH Waits AS (SELECT wait_type, wait_time_ms / 1000. AS wait_time_s, 100. * wait_time_ms / SUM(wait_time_ms) OVER() AS pct, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY wait_time_ms DESC) AS rn FROM sys.dm_os_wait_stats WHERE wait_type NOT IN( 'SLEEP_TASK', 'BROKER_TASK_STOP', 'SQLTRACE_BUFFER_FLUSH', 'CLR_AUTO_EVENT', 'CLR_MANUAL_EVENT', 'LAZYWRITER_SLEEP')) -- filter out additional irrelevant waits SELECT W1.wait_type, CAST(W1.wait_time_s AS DECIMAL(12, 2)) AS wait_time_s, CAST(W1.pct AS DECIMAL(12, 2)) AS pct,
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Rendering stage As shown in figure 1.6, the report-rendering stage represents the second (and last) stage in the report-processing pipeline. After the Report Server has the report IF, it renders the report in its final presentation format as per the export format requested by the user. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the plethora of natively supported formats that a report can be exported to. My favorites are HTML and PDF. For example, as figure 1.7 shows, I have loaded a report exported to a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. The Report Server delegates the report-rendering process to rendering extensions. RS comes with various rendering extensions that correspond to supported export formats. If the report consumer does not specify the export format explicitly, the report will be rendered in HTML 3.2 or 4.0, depending on the browser capabilities. Table 1.5 lists each out-of-the box RS supported rendering formats. As we ve said before, when the supported formats are not enough, you can write your own rendering extensions.
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if (IsValid) ... else ...
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CHAPTER 13: Pinball Game
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In this case, CPUs 0 and 1 would be used by the first NUMA node (Node 0) and CPUs 2 and 3 would be used by NUMA Node 1. The hexadecimal equivalents of the binary bit masks are stored in the registry that is, 0x03 (bit mask 00000011, hex equivalent of 3) for CPUs 0 and 1, and 0x0c (bit mask 00001100, hex equivalent of 12) for CPUs 2 and 3. In this example, the combination of CPU affinity and the registry modifications have provided a SQL Server instance with two soft NUMA nodes.
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The query with the hint was nearly twice as fast as the query without the NOLOCK hint. Note also that with NOLOCK, the query was able to achieve much higher disk read throughput than when NOLOCK was not specified. And with the NOLOCK hint, the aver-
You already know that this is going to show both a list and the detail for each item, so in the next window of the assistant, choose Master/Detail View from the drop-down list. Now let s consider the other options. The first, Search Field, seems like a good choice. There could eventually be many journal entries and so a Spotlight-style mechanism for filtering will be useful. Check that option. You will want to see the detail for each item selected, so check that box. Finally, you also want to be able to add and remove entries, so check that box too. Click Next. In this final step of the assistant you need to specify which property fields from the journalEntry entity should be shown in the user interface. In fact, you want all of these one way or another, so leave them all checked (the default). Click on the Finish button, and you will see something like Figure 9 6. Well, that is seriously ugly isn t it That s the problem with auto-generated interfaces of course they are intelligent, but really not that intelligent. What you have here is a collection of controls that have the appropriate connections to the controller, but the layout leaves much to be desired. Also, you will see that the process of generating the controls doesn t always get it right. Look at the control that the assistant has generated for the Entry Content. It s an Image Well control since you specified that the attribute needed to contain binary data, the assistant (reasonably, perhaps, but incorrectly) concluded that you wanted an Image View control. You ll need to change that, since you actually want to store text and images here (a Text View seems more appropriate). Given the amount of change that you will need to make here it s arguable that it would have been better to create the controls from scratch. However, the auto-generated interface has its place, so let s work with it and see what we can do with it.
DirectoryNode has two constructors. The first creates the top-level directory, and the other creates a DirectoryNode from a DirectoryInfo object. The Populate() function is the heart of the class. It uses the DirectoryInfo object that s encapsulated, calling GetFiles() to get the list of files in the directory and GetDirectories() to get the list of directories. It then recurses for each subdirectory, so the directory tree can be fully traversed. The PrintTree() function is used for testing, along with a little test program: class Test { public static void Main() { DirectoryNode directoryNode = new DirectoryNode(@"c:\project\diskdiff"); directoryNode.Populate(); directoryNode.PrintTree(0); } } On our system, this gives the following output: c:\project\diskdiff c:\project\diskdiff\bin c:\project\diskdiff\bin\Debug c:\project\diskdiff\obj c:\project\diskdiff\obj\Debug c:\project\diskdiff\obj\Debug\temp c:\project\diskdiff\obj\Debug\TempPE
- (void) draw { NSLog (@"drawing a circle at (%d %d %d %d) in %@", bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, colorName(fillColor)); } // draw
Using Word with MCMS Authoring Connector installed as a plug-in, an author can create and publish content directly, without the Web Author console. Authoring Connector can render a Word document to HTML (for publication by MCMS) or it can use the content placeholders (for text, graphics, or attachments) located on the template to store page data directly in the Content Repository. After the Authoring Connector has been installed and configured on the client computer, use the following procedure for authoring and submitting content.
Download the free Skype app from the App Store by searching for Skype and installing it. If you need help getting this done, please check out 20: App Store. NOTE: As of publishing time, there was only an iPhone version of the App, but we expect to see an iPad version soon.
The Windows Forms Version";
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