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Read this page for a good overview of the reference documentation divided into different aspects of development, including Design, Code, Build, and so on.
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folderPath="AWReporter" -v reportName="AdHocReport"
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Listing 6 Nesting TRY...CATCH blocks
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The lozenge d is a rectangle with rounded corners. Finally, we provide a place to shove the content of the buttons the numbers, operators, and so on by putting in a ContentPresenter and telling it to center whatever content the buttons have. Figure 8.2 shows the final result. We now have the desired shape. Notice how much like glass the buttons don t look You probably can t tell from the picture, but with the purple shade, it looks a bit like the buttons are cut out of Barney s hide. The trick to making the buttons look glassy is in layers and transparency. Figure 8.3 shows all the layers that make up our particular glass effect.
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CHAPTER 10: Working with Files
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Developing NHibernate applications
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Note that, in user.BillingDetails.Pay(paymentAmount), the call is against the appropriate subclass. You must watch out for one thing: if BillingDetails was mapped with lazy="true", NHibernate would proxy the BillingDetails association. In this case, you wouldn t be able to perform a typecast to the concrete class CreditCard at runtime, and even the is operator would behave strangely:
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Microsoft is obviously aware of the desire to build webby apps, and has provided capabilities within WPF for building navigation-style applications. These are applications that operate somewhat like a browser, in that you can navigate between pages via hyperlinks, move back and forward, and so on, but you can also have any WPF controls you like on the different pages. In this chapter, we ll demonstrate building a navigation application a program that uses the DICT protocol to look up words (and other things) and display their definitions. Before we get to that, though, we want to talk a little bit about when it s appropriate to use nav apps.
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TOP 10 COUNT([Catalog].Name) AS ReportCount, [Catalog].Name AS ReportName FROM ExecutionLog INNER JOIN [Catalog] ON ExecutionLog.ReportID=[Catalog].ItemID WHERE [Catalog].[Type]= 2 GROUP BY [Catalog].Name, [Catalog].[Type] ORDER BY COUNT([Catalog].Name) DESC SELECT
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Assigned to
In .NET 1.x, the pattern of locking on an object s this reference for instance data and a type s Type instance for static data was the dominant pattern. This pattern has been deprecated in favor of holding private object references that are used with Monitor locks and the lock statement. Using private variables prevents two separate pieces of code from locking on the same object for different purposes, which may potentially cause deadlock, and it prevents malicious code that s loaded through plug-ins or similar means from conducting Denial of Service attacks through thread locking.
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Now, compare it to this alternative:
Writing the Animation Function
Downloading assemblies using Internet Explorer We can deploy poker.dll on the Web server and can use the following <object> tag to install it directly from a Web page:
Adds an entry to the message queue
. . . namespace Manning { namespace MyPhotoAlbum { . . . } }
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