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You re going to create a couple of real applications now to illustrate exactly how the objects in the NIB connect to each other and to your code.
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s Note Response Test runs under the context of the account that ran it. When you test
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PhotoAlbum members required for the IList interface (continued) Name Add Clear Contains Methods IndexOf Insert Remove RemoveAt This method is provided by CollectionBase. This method is provided by CollectionBase. Implementation Notes
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The MCMS installation log file is saved in <InstallDrive>:\Program Files\Micro soft Content Management Server\LogFiles. If you elected to launch the DCA program, it will start automatically when the MCMS Setup program finishes. If not, the Setup program simply finishes with your acknowledgment.
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Visual Studio 2010 is the primary development environment that you ll use to build your Web Parts and other SharePoint 2010 projects. You can use other environments or tools, but the SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010 will save you a lot of time and allow you to be more productive than before. The Developer Tools are a new addition to the Visual Studio suite, even though there were extensions for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 that you could download. The new SharePoint Developer Tools are targeted for SharePoint 2010 development only. There were extensions for SharePoint 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Services [MOSS] 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services [WSS] 3) called Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS) that could be downloaded to Visual Studio 2005 and, then, 2008. These extensions were criticized and never exited the Community Technology Preview (CTP) stage. For SharePoint 2007 development, the community moved faster than Microsoft and created great tools that offered more flexibility than VSeWSS. The two most popular community contributions were STSDev (http:// stsdev.codeplex.com) and WSPBuilder (http://wspbuilder.codeplex.com).
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B.4 Database testing
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Enter the first few letters of any of these three searchable fields: First Name Last Name Company Name The iPhone 4 begins to filter immediately and displays only those contacts that match the letters typed. TIP: To further narrow the search, hit the space key and type a few more letters. When you see the correct name, just touch it and that individual s contact information will appear.
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.NET Table 18.1 PrintPageEventArgs class
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PowerShell is usually exposed as a command shell and scripting language. It s .NET based and can access the .NET framework.
Time Series
This is the first time we ve created our own properties, so it is worth a short discussion. A property in C# is created much like a method. You define an access level, a type, and a name for the property. By convention, property and method names begin with a capital letter. The lack of parentheses after the name informs the compiler that this is a property and not a method. Inside the braces, the access methods for the property are defined. The access methods provide read access, via the get keyword, or write access, via the set keyword. The get access method must return the defined type, while the set access method uses the reserved word value to access the value provided on the right side of the equals sign = . For example, if we wanted users of our Photograph class to set the FileName property, we could code this as follows:
The Grand Prize winner of the 2009 AWS Start-Up Challenge was GoodData, which is a business intelligence (BI) SaaS provider. GoodData is an easy-to-use service for
Use the report s Properties page to manage the report.
Listin g 12-10. Forward and Backward Compatibility in a Keyed Archive
Called just before this page is swapped out for another page. The event args allow for canceling the navigation. You can use this to prompt the user to save data, for example. Equivalent to the Navigating event of the NavigationService class.
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