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Development ECC200 in Objective-C User Defaults

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You can create multiple snapshots of the same database. The only limitations are the performance overhead and the potential for the snapshots to fill the available disk space. The disk space used by a snapshot is directly determined by the amount of change in the source database. After the snapshot is first created, its footprint, or used space, is effectively zero, owing to the sparse file technology. With each change, the snapshot grows. It follows that if half of the database is modified since the snapshot was created, the snapshot would be roughly half the size of the database it was created from. Once created, a database can be reverted to its snapshot through the RESTORE DATABASE T-SQL command using the FROM DATABASE_SNAPSHOT clause as shown here (this example will fail if the AdventureWorks database contains FileStream data). During the restore process, both the source and snapshot databases are unavailable and marked In Restore.
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Approaches to command handling The command pattern System commands Custom commands Us gesturing at our application and our application gesturing back
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CHAPTER 8: How iTap Tackles the Challenges of Networking
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In .NET every application executes within an application domain. Application domains are similar to Win32 processes in many ways but differ in several important areas. The next section compares application domains to Win32 processes.
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Backup and recovery
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displayed name:"report.rtf", default application: alias "Macintosh HD:Applications:Microsoft Office X:Microsoft Word", kind:"Microsoft Word RTF document", file type:"RTF ", file creator:"MSWD", type identifier:"public.rtf", locked:false, busy status:false, short version:"", long version:"" } Other useful bits of information you can get from the file information record are the size of the specified file, the folder or disk in bytes, whether it s a folder, whether it s an alias file, and whether the file is locked.
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To illustrate the similarities and some basic differences between Mac and iPhone development, you are going to recreate one of the programs you wrote in the last chapter, the modified Hello World application. So as not to confuse the applications, you should give this a different name; how about Show Message . Here is how it is going to look when it is complete (see Figure 4 2). Start by creating the project. Choose the iPhone OS section, then View-based application. Call it Show Message . Once in the Xcode workspace, let s start with a little orientation. This is the same old Xcode Project Workspace window you have seen so far, but there are a couple of differences that you can spot pretty quickly. See Figure 4 3.
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Figure 4.21 The completed new column containing a calculation
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Finally, a new IsImageValid property compares the photo s bitmap to the static invalid image variable to see if they are equal. If they are, then the original photo is not a valid photograph.
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Table 5 2. Connecting the Buttons to the Web View
hapter 23 showed how to use delegates to pass a reference to a method so it can be called in a general way. Being able to call a method in such a way is useful in graphical user interfaces, such as the one provided by the classes in System.Windows.Forms. It s fairly easy to build such a framework by using delegates, as shown in this example: using System; public class Button { public delegate void ClickHandler(object sender, EventArgs e); public ClickHandler Click; protected void OnClick() { if (Click != null) Click(this, null); } public void SimulateClick() { OnClick(); } } class Test { static public void ButtonHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("Button clicked"); }
Patrick is the founder of BrowserMob, a cloud-based website monitoring and load testing service provider. He is also the founder of OpenQA and a core contributor to Selenium, a popular open-source browser-testing framework. You can learn more about Patrick and his company at http://browsermob. com or by emailing him at patrick@browsermob.com.
The second half of this chapter introduced you to SneakyInput, an open source project to add virtual thumbsticks and buttons to any cocos2d game. It may not be perfect, but it s good enough for most games, and it definitely beats writing your own virtual thumbstick code. The ship is now controllable and stays within the screen s boundaries, and it s able to shoot with the press of a button but the game is still lacking something. A shoot- emup isn t a shoot- em-up without something to shoot down, is it The next chapter addresses that lack.
CHAPTER 12: E-mail
In general, controls and panels should expose properties as dependency properties. If there s any possibility that they ll be used in binding or animation, a dependency property is the way to go. In fact, when the Silverlight team exposes properties as straight CLR properties, more often than not, they get feedback that it should ve been a dependency property because a customer or someone in the community tried to use it in binding or animation. Dependency properties are specified at the class level using a static property and DependencyProperty.Register call. For use in code and XAML, they re also wrapped with a standard CLR property wrapper that internally uses the dependency property as the backing store. Optionally, the dependency property may specify a callback function to be used when the property changes. Listing 24.1 shows the complete definition for the Orbits property, with all three of these items in place.
The choose folder command allows you to make the user choose a folder using a standard Choose a Folder dialog box.
Next we create a button and set the text to display in the button to Push Me! .
SQL 2005 aggregate query partitioned plan and statistics
Figure 3.3 With dependency properties, any UI elements can subscribe to the changes made on a data model to reflect the latest state of the system, and the data model is easily and quickly updated from the UI.
If you ve added new contacts or synced your address book, you ll see a From My PC or From My Mac group at the top. Under that you will see your Google or Exchange email address or the descriptive name assigned to that account when you set it up. (MSL and MT Gmail are the two Google/Exchange accounts synced in Figure 4 1.) Tap the Contacts listed under your Google or Exchange email address/account name to see all your synced contacts.
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