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The z parameter in addChild determines the draw order of the node. The node with the lowest z value is drawn first; the one with the highest z value is drawn last. If multiple nodes have the same z value, they are simply drawn in the order they were added. Of course this only applies to nodes that have a visual representation, like sprites. The tag parameter lets you can identify and obtain specific nodes at a later time using the getChildByTag method. NOTE: If several nodes end up with the same tag number, getChildByTag will return the first node with that tag number. The remaining nodes will be inaccessible. Make sure you use unique tag numbers for your nodes. Note that actions can have tags, too. Node and action tags do not conflict, however, so an action and a node can have the same tag number without any problem.
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Figure 7 8. The text fields, after putting them in the right places
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Also, at least for the Shapes that don t have explicit points set, you can have the layout control size for you in certain ways. For example, if we remove the Height property values from the Rectangle and the Ellipse, the layout will automatically make the shapes take up all available space (figure 14.6). Shapes also can handle events such as mouse events. For example, we could add a handler to the MouseDown event on the Polygon.
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class HelloClient1a { public static void Main(string[] args) { string name = ""; if (args.Length > 0) name = args[0]; new HelloClient1a(name); } public HelloClient1a(string name) { HelloService1 hs = new HelloService1(); AsyncCallback ac = new AsyncCallback(this.GreetCallback); IAsyncResult ar = hs.BeginGreet(name, ac, hs); while (waitingOnReply) Thread.Sleep(500); Console.WriteLine("Done!"); } private void GreetCallback(IAsyncResult ar) { HelloService1 hs = (HelloService1) ar.AsyncState; string reply = hs.EndGreet(ar); Console.WriteLine("callback: " + reply); waitingOnReply = false; } private bool waitingOnReply = true; } }
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In the revised example, we still get three fields, even though space is used in one place and tab in another. And while the default is to split on a whitespace character, you can specify a string of characters to use split fields.
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You will see two logos in the Shared category on the Left nav bar of iTunes. Each type of logo shows you whether the library is a fully shared library (the House logo) or a listen-only type of library (the Stack of papers icon). Types of Shared Libraries What this means
Now what if we want to do the inverse In other words, we want to determine whether there s less pure maple syrup than ground pecans in the dough. Hmm. Want to take a guess Yup, turn the > around and you have the < less than operator, which tells you whether its first operand is less than its second operand. Let s muck around with < in Firebug, verifying our work with Figure 3 14. var cake = { dough: { organicPastryFlour: [1 + 1/2, "cup"], freshlyGroundNutmeg: [1/4, "tsp"],
Caution Use IIS Basic Authentication cautiously because it causes passwords to be
In the result, we see exactly one match per file. Now let s try using the -quiet switch.
This code snippet is added to the CreateChildControls method and casts the Zone property of the Editor Part to a ToolPane object. This ToolPane object corresponds to the tool pane and exposes the Cancel button so you can turn off its validation.
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