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In this chapter, we explored four value types to represent data with. For text like "Chocolate Fudge Brownie", JavaScript has a string value type. Numbers provide a way to do math, while booleans say yes and no. The object value type provides a way to save related values to the same place in memory, sort of like a folder on your computer. Those may be named with an identifier or string. The array subtype offers a way to numerically order related values, while the function subtype contains snippets of frequently run code. Although objects, arrays, or functions appear very different, they all may contain members named with a string or identifier or elements named with a non-negative integer. So, they re cut from the same cloth.
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Figure 9.6 SQL Server implements support for BLOB storage by using a pointer to a B-tree structure in which BLOBs are broken up into 8K chunks and linked using pointers.
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Table 11-18. TextGeneration s Constants
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The MainForm.cs source code window is displayed with a new btnLoad_Click method added.
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Table 6.3 lists NHibernate types associated with dates, times, and timestamps. In your domain model, you may choose to represent date and time data using either
Some applications will scale up from the iPhone without problems. However, these applications are likely to be in the minority, as the input capabilities and display space of the iPad completely change an application s fundamental character. To accommodate this, we need to bring some specialized user interface design needs into the picture in order to present your application on both platforms. NOTE: Be aware that although the iPad can enlarge images on an iPhone, my testing of iPad apps (as of April 3, 2010) showed that large images would not convert seamlessly to an iPhone application.
Given the input buffer shown in Figure 8-8, suppose your program called scanf(), like this:
Click the X to erase your search and see your entire library.
21.2.1 Creating from existing images
Working with maintenance plans
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