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Once you sign in, you will see your Kindle books on the home page. You can either touch a book to start reading, or touch Get Books to start shopping in the Kindle store.
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CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX AK_ProductSubcategory_Name ON Production.ProductSubcategory (Name);
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'VB.Net Imports Imports Imports Imports System.Web.Services System.Data Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data System.Configuration
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I really want to talk about networking, but before we Figure 2-1. The completed can do that, we need something to actually network. SphereNet game in action We could just build the protocol directly, but that would be boring. Let s start out by building the graphical user interface (GUI). We start by creating a new view-based application project in Xcode. The GUI for SphereNet is going to be as simple as possible. It literally has nothing other than a single view. There
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Of course, the dealloc method releases the spawnFrequency CCArray, and it also sets it to nil, which is very important. Being a static variable, the first EnemyEntity object to run its dealloc method will release the spawnFrequency s memory. If it wasn t set to nil immediately thereafter, the next EnemyEntity running its dealloc method would try the same, and thus over-release the spawnFrequency CCArray, leading to a crash. On the other hand, if the spawnFrequency variable is nil, any message sent to it, like the release message, will simply be ignored. I said it before but it can t be repeated often enough: sending messages to nil objects is perfectly fine in Objective-C; the message will simply be ignored. Spawning an entity is done by the spawn method:
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CloseCurrentAlbum method:
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Microsoft.SharePoint Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.XsltListViewWebPart
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Setting the ideal processor is a way of giving the scheduler a hint as to where the thread should be executed. If we ve selected a process affinity mask, the ideal processors should be one of the processor we ve selected. The concept of an ideal processor is so important that the scheduler attempts to keep threads on the same processor, if possible. Figure 5.16 shows that by keeping a thread on the same processor the contents of the processor s cache need to be refreshed less often than if a different processor was used. Under most circumstances the scheduler does a good job. Setting the ideal processor is an optimization and should be done only once. It is clear that it improves performance. Optimization should be performed after correctness has been reached, and only if it is needed. T1 has selected CPU 0 as its ideal processor. By keeping T1 s most recently used data in CPU 0 s cache, performance can be improved. If T1 is then scheduled on a different CPU, the data will need to be loaded into that CPU s cache. If instead T1 were consistently scheduled on CPU 0, the data would already be in the cache. Figure 5.16 Motivation for setting an ideal processor One thing to keep in mind is that other processes can set things like ideal processor. Just as tools like Process Viewer can change thread priority, a program can change the ideal processor. To test out setting IdealProcessor you can use the ProcessThreadViewer program that is available from the publisher s web site at www.manning.com/dennis. The program allows inspection of a process and each of its threads. You can also set IdealProcessor for a particular thread. This tool is for learning purposes only and can result in system instability. Be careful playing with it.
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23.1.2 Accessing loose resources
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Figure 14.3 Using the Web Part options menu, you can create Web Parts connections.
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Creates a Mutex that is not initially signaled
Sub Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim
When can you ever have a serious query that doesn t involve more than one table Normalization is a wonderful thing and helps ensure that our databases have important characteristics such as integrity. But it also means using JOINs, because it s unlikely that all the data we need to solve our problem occurs in a single table. Almost always, our FROM clause contains several tables. In this chapter, I ll explain some of the deeper, less understood aspects of the FROM clause. I ll start with some of the basics, to make sure we re all on the same page. You re welcome to skip ahead if you re familiar with the finer points of INNER, OUTER, and CROSS. I m often amazed by the fact that developers the world over understand how to write a multi-table query, and yet few understand what they re asking with such a query.
Let s take a look at the members on the SecureString object using the Get-Member cmdlet.
That s it. This project is the starting point for your next big adventure mastering Objective-C. You ll find that your Objective-C output looks much the same as your C output. All your programs will run in the console window. The difference You ll be building and using objects. Take the time to understand the mechanics of programming with Objective-C before you add Cocoa to the mix. Speaking of Cocoa, let s build a Cocoa project, since we re here. Back in Xcode, choose New Project from the File menu. When the New Project window appears, select Application, the very first item under the heading Mac OS X. Then, select Cocoa Document-based Application from the list that appears (see Figure 12-2), and click the Choose button. Name the project tasteOfCocoa.
Working together with the Auto-Correction feature is your built-in iPhone Spell Checker. Most of the time, your misspelled words will be caught and corrected automatically by Auto-Correction. Sometimes, a word will not be corrected, but still is misspelled. You will see any words that the iPhone thinks are misspelled underlined with a red dotted line as in Figure 2-5.
been expected to incorporate in your design anyway (separation of concerns, single responsibility principle, and so on). On the other hand, assuming you re happy with your design as is, it can be problematic to make changes for testability, which isn t part of production. Again, you could argue that test code is as important as production code, because it exposes the API usage characteristics of your domain model and forces you to look at how someone will use your code. From this point on, discussions of this matter are rarely productive. Let s just say that more code, and work, is required when testability is involved, but that designing for testability makes you think about the user of your API more, which is a good thing.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.ContactFieldControl
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