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Development ECC200 in Objective-C Returning Autoreleased Objects

The additional parameters specified relate to the number of threads to use against the file (8 in this example), a mask value, and the file size. Before we look at an example, let s run through some general recommendations: The file size and test duration should be sufficient to exhaust the cache of the storage system. Some systems, particularly SANs, have a very large storage cache, so a short test duration with small file sizes is likely to be fulfilled from the cache, obscuring the real I/O performance. Tests should be run multiple times, once for each file path. For instance, to test the capacity of four LUNs, run four tests, once for each LUN specified in the configuration file (using the -F parameter). Once each file path has been tested individually, consider additional tests with file path combinations specified in the configuration file. Ensure the tests run for a reasonable length of time (at least 10 15 minutes) and allow time between test runs to enable the storage system to return to an idle state. Record the SQLIO results with each change made to the storage configuration. This will enable the effectiveness of each change to be measured.
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You can already see how this is going to provide more options than the exceptionbased approach. With a simple collection of messages, we can add and remove them using code in any place in our class. In addition, the class-scoped error message lets us provide errors that are difficult to attach to any single property.
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include database queries right into your C# code, LINQ provides the same type of expressive capabilities that SQL offers, but in the programming language of your choice. This is great because a declarative approach like the one LINQ offers allows you to write code that is shorter and to the point. Listing 1.1 shows sample C# code you can write with LINQ.
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Figure 8.1 An example of a test-code-coverage report
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Server Administration Using SCA
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You ve achieved a lot in this chapter. By now you should be very comfortable working with Interface Builder, and understanding how actions, connections, and bindings work. You have grappled with some of the most important Cocoa frameworks and have written some neat applications into the bargain. In 6, you are going to take a closer look at Model View Controller, the design principle that underlies most of the development work you will do in Cocoa. You will see a couple of examples that I hope will cement this architectural pattern for you (remember, this is one of those major barriers to understanding that you need to overcome to get a good working relationship with Cocoa). If you have ever seen this phrase, or its acronym MVC, batted around and felt that you weren t quite sure what it meant, this next chapter is for you.
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Restriction You usually don t want to retrieve all instances of a class when you run a query. Instead, you want to express some constraints on the property values of your objects, so only a subset of objects is retrieved. This is called restriction, and in both HQL and SQL, you achieve it using the where clause. A where clause can be simple or complex, but let s start with a simple HQL example:
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So how can you go about altering the ProfileInputXml property to profile a different table One way that works well is to create a string variable in the SSIS package to hold the table name (named TableName) and a second variable to hold the schema name (named SchemaName). Create a third variable that will hold the XML for the profile requests (named ProfileXML), and set the EvaluateAsVariable property of the ProfileXML variable to True. In the Expression property, you ll need to enter the XML string for the profile, and concatenate in the table and schema variables. To get the XML to use as a starting point, you can configure and run the Data Profile task with its output directed to a file. You ll then need to remove the output information from the file, which can be done by removing all of the elements between the <DataProfileOutput> and <Profiles> tags, so that the XML looks similar to listing 1. You may have more or less XML, depending on how many profiles you configured the task for initially.
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Before exiting, copy ( C) the IBAction line:
While DayToReInitialize < 0 Thread.Sleep(100) End While Dim ReturnValue As Integer ReturnValue = Interlocked.CompareExchange(DayToReInitialize, _ -1, DateTime.Now.Day)
To populate a table region, drag and drop these dataset fields.
Choose File on Computer
NSMutableArray *zombies = NSMutableIndexSet *deadZombies = [NSMutableIndexSet indexSet]; NSUInteger i; for (i=0; i<[zombies count]; i++) { Zombie *zombie = [zombies objectAtIndex:i]; if ([zombie hasExpired]) [deadZombies addIndex:i]; } [zombies removeObjectsAtIndexes:deadZombies]; The NSMutableIndexSet collects the indexes of the objects we intend to delete from the collection. At the end of the enumeration, all of the identified objects are deleted en masse using a single -removeObjectsAtIndexes: message.
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