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I prefer the second option, as it simplifies the creation of the database connection, and is supported in almost every installation scenario. But either option will typically work.
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URL interaction in Java is inherently synchronous. If the URL data being loaded takes a long time to obtain, the code in Listing 13-10 would block until the data was received. This might be appropriate if the time it took to load the URL was inconsequential. Often, it is not. To avoid hanging the main application, the code in Listing 13-10 could be executed in its own thread. In Java, this would be the preferred solution. In Objective-C, the natural way to use an NSURLConnection is asynchronously. Most NSURLConnection methods initiate asynchronous operations synchronous operations are the exception. Just like NSStream, described earlier in this chapter, NSURLConnection communicates its progress by sending messages to its delegate. The code for reading the contents of a URL asynchronously is shown in Listing 13-11.
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// creating an autorelease instance of CCNode -(void) init { myNode = [CCNode node]; myNode.tag = 123; // adding the node as children to self (assuming self is derived from CCNode) [self addChild:myNode]; } -(void) update:(ccTime)delta { // later access and use the myNode object again CCNode* myNode = [self getChildByTag:123]; // do something with myNode }
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Listin g 10-8. Programmatically Setting an Instance Variable
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To add a new folder, touch the New Folder button in the upper left corner. Type the name of the folder, select the location (folder) in which to place your new folder, and click Done
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The three types of failover options are automatic, manual, and forced service. Table 11.2 summarizes the availability of these options based on the mirroring mode and presence of a witness instance.
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We ve told you that you can t put nil into a collection, because nil has special meaning to NSArray and NSDictionary. But sometimes you really need to store a value that means there s nothing here at all. For example, let s say you have a dictionary that holds a person s contact information, and under the key @"home fax machine", you store the user s home fax number. If that key holds a phone number value, you know that person has a fax machine. But if there s no value in the dictionary, does it mean that person has no home fax machine or that you don t know if they have one or not By using NSNull, you can eliminate the ambiguity. You can decide that a value of NSNull for the key @"home fax machine" means the person definitely does not have a fax machine, and no value for the key means that you don t know if the person has one or not.
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Figure 26-2. The playlist created by Script 26-1
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Creates inverse color
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cd "$(ProjectDir)"
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Creating a standard e-mail subscription Start by logging into Windows with Michael s login credentials. Next, perform the following steps: Step 1 Use your favorite browser to open the Report Manager web application. Step 2 Navigate to the Employee Sales Freeform with Chart report. Step 3 Select New Subscription from the View or Subscriptions tab. This initiates the process of creating a new subscription, as shown in figure 12.7. As you can see, the Report Manager adjusts the user interface to reflect the fact that Michael doesn t have rights to execute the Manage All Subscriptions task. Specifically, the following changes are made:
Handling the URL Request
can create an ad hoc reporting tool, which generates RDL files. Once the user is ready with the report, the report definition can be rendered by any reporting tool that understands RDL.
Luna, Metallic The XP theme with the silver styling
Viewing App Details
These tests may have been useful, and they may come close to the classic definition of a unit test, but they re far from how we ll define a good unit test in this book. That brings us to the first and most important question a developer has to face when defining the qualities of a good unit test: what is a unit test, and what is not.
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