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Store the SQL in a dictionary for use in error reporting.
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The SCM preference panel is where you set up access to a source code management or version control system. Later in the book, you will learn how to set up a Subversion
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Table 3 1. Synchronization Options for Your Personal Information
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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
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using NHibernate.Mapping.Attributes; [Class(Lazy=false)] public class Category { //... [Id(Name="Id")] [Generator(1, Class="native")] public long Id { //... } //... [Property] public string Name { //... } //... }
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myShort = 0xFFFE & myShort;
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The PowerShell pipeline always contains objects, right until the last command has been executed. At that time, PowerShell looks to see what objects are in the pipeline, and then looks at its various configuration files to see which properties will be used to construct the onscreen display. It also decides whether that display will be a table or a list, based on some internal rules and on its configuration files. (I ll explain more about those rules and configurations, and how you can modify them, in chapter 8.) An important fact is that the pipeline can contain many different things over the course of a single command line. For the next few examples, I m going to take a single command line and physically type it so that only one command appears on a single line of text. That ll make it a bit easier to explain what I m talking about. Here s the first one:
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private void GetServerProperties() { string WmiNamespace = @"\\" + txtServer.Text + @"\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportingServices\v8"; string WmiRSClass = @"\\" + txtServer.Text + @"\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportingServices\ + v8:MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting"; ManagementClass serverClass; ManagementScope scope; Instantiate the WMI scope = new ManagementScope(WmiNamespace);
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Understanding cloud computing classifications
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(not covered)
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A closed planar region to be extruded. A nonzero value representing the extrusion s height. If this value is positive, the region is extruded in the OCS Z-direction. If this value is negative, the region is extruded in the Z direction. The angle of tapering or expansion of the extrusion given in radians. It must lie between 90 degrees and +90 degrees. Positive values taper in from the base, and negative values expand.
13.6 Best practice considerations: index design and maintenance
The Xcode Developer Tools is a family of applications designed to work harmoniously together to provide most of the tools you need to create your software. The map in Figure 1 1 divides the Developer Tools into the core tools, companion tools and features, and supporting utilities. This broadly reflects the importance of the tools in terms of the amount of use you are likely to get out of each, but of course there are different ways of categorizing them.
Displays the usage message. Doesn t display the compiler copyright banner. Creates report file. Outputs compiler messages in UTF8 format. Instructs the compiler to specify the full path to a file in all messages. Contains the name of the assembly that this module will be a part of. Specifies the class to use for the Main() entry point.
HtmlWindow window = HtmlPage.Window; HtmlDocument document = HtmlPage.Document; foreach (string key in document.QueryString.Keys) { window.Alert("Key: " + key + "; Value: " + document.QueryString[key]); }
Device Token Acquisition
// Define the columns listViewMain.Columns.Add("Name", 80, HorizontalAlignment.Left); listViewMain.Columns.Add("Title", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left); listViewMain.Columns.Add("Pwd", 40, HorizontalAlignment.Center); listViewMain.Columns.Add("Size", 40, HorizontalAlignment.Right); // Load the albums into the control . . . }
myInt = 5 + ( 3 * 2 );
clip-art-style drawings. In this section, we ll talk about the steps involved in creating and using more elaborate drawings. Now, with the techniques we ve shown so far and with access to the various primitives, we could obviously create complex drawings. For example, suppose we wanted to draw a magnifying glass like the one in figure 14.13. We could write code to draw some ellipses, create some polygons to represent the handle, add some more shapes to fill in the shadows, and so on. By writing the code to draw onto a Visual, we could even treat the shape as a whole unit to catch clicks on it, and so on.
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