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Finally, we need to draw the contents of the CALayer. We ll use CGGradient to draw a radial gradient and give a bit of a 3D effect. The details behind the following drawing are beyond the scope of this chapter. To learn more about the technique used here, see the chapter on gradients in Apple s Quartz 2D Drawing Guide, available from http://developer.apple.com.
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Have you ever wanted a snack or soda and accidently put foreign currency in your local vending machine Or, have you ever accidently put a DVD into a CD player What happened Most likely, either nothing happened or some type of error was displayed. These scenarios show that devices are created with specific formats in mind. Likewise, the MediaElement expects certain formats. The MediaElement supports a powerful array of audio and video formats that empower you to deliver high-quality media experiences over the internet. The accepted audio formats ensure a truly high-fidelity aural experience. At the same time, the supported video formats ensure a viewing experience that can scale from mobile devices all the way up to high-definition displays. Table 20.1 shows the formats supported by the MediaElement.
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A correlated view of performance
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Button button1 = null; Button button2 = null; Button button3 = null;
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Listing 2.11 Sample lambda expressions in C#
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Mobile e-mail is certainly all the rage today. You can view, read, and compose replies to e-mails already synced to your iPad without a network connection; however, you will need to have network connectivity (either Wi-Fi or 3G/cellular) to send and/or receive email from your iPad. Check out 4: Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity to learn more. Also check out the Reading the Top Connectivity Status Icons section in the Quick Start Guide in Part 1. TIP: If you are taking a trip, simply download all your e-mail before you get on the airplane; this lets you read, reply, and compose your messages. All e-mails will be sent once you land and reestablish your connection to the Internet.
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INNER JOIN Person.Contact C ON C.ContactID = E.EmployeeID INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderDetail SOD ON SOH.SalesOrderID = SOD.SalesOrderID WHERE (SOH.OrderDate Specifies parameter BETWEEN DATEADD(mm, - 12, @Date) AND @Date) placeholders AND (E.EmployeeID = @EmployeeID) GROUP BY E.EmployeeID, C.LastName + N', ' + C.FirstName, DATEPART (m, SOH.OrderDate), Groups the data per employee DATEPART(yy, SOH.OrderDate) ORDER BY DATEPART(yy, SOH.OrderDate),DATEPART(m, SOH.OrderDate)
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When I wrote the very first edition of Learn C on the Macintosh back in 1991, I was writing with college students in mind. After all, in college was where I really learned to program. It seems I was way off. My first clue that I had underestimated my audience was when I started getting e-mails from fifth graders who were making their way through the book. Fifth graders! And
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Despite the ease with which SQL Server can be installed and upgraded, adequate preparation is essential in ensuring a stable and secure platform for later use: Review the best practices from the previous chapters to ensure hardware components are designed and configured appropriately. Prior to installation, create nonadministrator domain accounts for each instance/service combination, and ensure the accounts don t have any password expiration policies in place.
The breadth of this chapter requires us to mention many patterns and practices related to software development. Explaining each in depth is beyond the scope of this book, but we give a brief introduction to each pattern as we encounter it. If you re in unfamiliar territory, we encourage you to follow any references we give to get a deeper understanding of the topic. If you haven t studied patterns before, here s the general idea. Many problems, although different in their formulation, are solved in similar ways. Thus it s possible to formulate a general solution that applies to many similar problems. In software, many professionals have documented the most useful patterns they ve observed in the field, allowing them to communicate and share their knowledge with others. Hundreds of software-design patterns have been documented over the years, and throughout this section we give references to books and articles we consider important. Let s quickly look at one popular and famous pattern: the Singleton pattern. You may have heard of it. The Singleton pattern ensures that a class has only one instance in an application and provides a global point of access to that instance. If you don t want people creating more than one instance of your Shopping Basket class, you can use the Singleton pattern to prevent them from doing so. This pattern was well documented in the book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, published more than 10 years ago [Gamma et al 1995]. Because the Singleton pattern has proven so useful, it continues to be used daily in many open source and commercial .NET projects, including the .NET framework itself. Learning patterns offers many benefits. They re well tested, time-proven methods that let you leverage the experience of other professionals. They give you a common vocabulary for efficiently communicating aspects of your software with others. You can learn more about patterns in the books Design Patterns and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture [Fowler 2003] and Head First Design Patterns [Eric Freeman et al 2004].
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