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In this particular case, the main wait type for the SPID was PAGEIOLATCH_SH, which we ll cover shortly. While this is a simple example, it illustrates the ease with which extended events can be created in obtaining a clearer view of system activity, in this case, enabling retrospective wait type analysis on a completed session from a particular SPID. SQL Server Books Online contains a complete description of all extended events, including further details on sqlos.wait_info.
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8.3 Ways to fail
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'need to set view direction dblViewDirection(0) = 1 dblViewDirection(1) = -1 dblViewDirection(2) = 1 objIsoMetricVPort.Direction = dblViewDirection objIsoMetricVPort.Display acOn ThisDrawing.MSpace = True ThisDrawing.ActivePViewport = objIsoMetricVPort ThisDrawing.Application.ZoomExtents ThisDrawing.Application.ZoomScaled 0.5, acZoomScaledRelativePSpace 'make paper space active again and we're almost done ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acPaperSpace ThisDrawing.Application.ZoomExtents 'regen in all viewports ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports End Sub First, this code sets the active space to be paper space and uses the active Layout object s GetPaperSize method to find the paper s size. Because the viewports need to stay inside the plottable area, the code finds out the margins size. It uses the GetPaperMargins method, which returns two two-element arrays that hold the offset of the lower-left and upper-right plot area from the lower-left and upper-right paper corners. ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acPaperSpace Set objLayout = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout dblOrigin(0) = 0: dblOrigin(1) = 0 objLayout.PlotOrigin = dblOrigin If objLayout.PlotRotation = ac0degrees Or objLayout.PlotRotation = _ ac180degrees Then objLayout.GetPaperSize dblWidth, dblHeight Else objLayout.GetPaperSize dblHeight, dblWidth End If objLayout.GetPaperMargins varMarginLL, varMarginUR dblWidth = dblWidth dblHeight = dblHeight dblWidth = dblWidth / dblHeight = dblHeight (varMarginUR(0) + varMarginLL(0)) - (varMarginUR(1) + varMarginLL(1)) 2# / 2#
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Making this into an application icon for our application is fairly straightforward. First, in Xcode, choose Project Add to Project (or A) and navigate to where the image is stored. Choose the image and click the Add button. In the sheet that follows, make sure the checkbox labeled Copy items in to destination group s folder (if needed) is selected, then choose the Add button. That ensures the image is copied and compiled into the application, but you also need to set it as the application icon. To do that, make sure the Project name Show Message is selected at the top of the Groups and Files list, then find the file Show_Message-Info.plist in the Detail panel. Select this file and you will see the plist contents in the Editor panel (Figure 4 13). In the empty cell next to the legend Icon file, type in the filename for your icon.
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Figure 26 17. The Genius license agreement in iTunes
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To create an ISessionFactory instance, you first create a single instance of Configuration during application initialization and use it to set the database access and mapping information. Once configured, the Configuration instance is used to create the SessionFactory. After the SessionFactory is created, you can discard the Configuration class. In the previous examples, we used a MySessionFactory static property to create ISession instances. Here is its implementation:
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Figure 3-32. Using the offset command to get the domain from a string Of course, if the e-mail address were info@store.apple.com, the script would have still returned apple, while the intent was probably to get store.apple. A solution to this problem could involve using the text item delimiters property you looked at earlier. The following is the script that returns the correct host name and domain, with or without additional periods: set set set set set set set the_email_address to "info@store.apple.com" first_offset to offset of "@" in the_email_address text item delimiters to {"."} email_address_items to text items of the_email_address domain_length to (length of (last item of email_address_items)) + 1 text item delimiters to {""} the_domain to text (first_offset + 1) thru (domain_length + 1) of the_email_address
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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
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If you want an even tighter format for your service-call processing, regardless of whether you re using SOAP, REST, or something else, you can use a lambda expression to build a delegate to handle the service call return. In that case, you get the entire service call neatly wrapped up into one visible function:
with the LINQ code samples.11 To do this, we need only to apply a custom attribute to the class:
What s Wrong with Return Codes
We get a terminating error telling us we need to provide a value for $name. This is a simple pattern that can be used to enforce mandatory parameters on functions and scripts. And speaking of functions and scripts, while all these error features are great for letting us know something is wrong, how do we go about fixing the problem This is our cue to segue into our next section: debugging.
Figure 20-6. UI Browser with the Target menu exposed In the first UI exercise, you will create a search script for Preview. You will first look at a simple script that enters a search string in the search field. Then, you will develop it further to catalog the search results it will pick right from the interface.
Figure 5.9 The Setup Support Rules for a clustered installation include cluster-specific checks such as the existence of a clustered Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service.
Now you will see a list of all the documents you have stored on Google Docs. Tap any document and select the file type to download it. Usually PDF works well for this. Once the file is downloaded, it will appear on the left-hand side of GoodDocs, and you will simply need to touch it to open it.
This chapter covers:
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