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Remember that devices this powerful are not always easy to grasp at first. You ll get the most out of your iPad if you read the book a section at a time and then try out what you read. We all know that reading and then doing an activity gives us a much higher retention rate than simply reading alone. So, in order to learn and remember what you learn, we recommend to: Read a little, try a little on your iPad, and repeat!
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Listing 2.20 The DisplayProcesses method with an anonymous type (AnonymousTypes.csproj)
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<class name="User" table="USER"> <composite-id name="UserId" class="UserId"> <key-property name="UserName" column="USERNAME"/> <key-property name="OrganizationId" column="ORGANIZATION_ID"/> </composite-id> <version name="Version" column="VERSION" unsaved-value="0"/> <many-to-one name="Organization" class="Organization" column="ORGANIZATION_ID" insert="false" update="false"/> ... </class>
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The Linetype property for new entities is determined by the drawing linetype setting for the drawing. By default, this is set so that new entities are displayed using the linetype assigned to the layer that they re drawn on. By changing this setting, you may assign specific linetypes directly to entities rather than the layer setting, which normally takes precedence. You can change the linetype of an existing entity at any time by altering its Linetype property.
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This chapter covers
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Sometimes, when you use code completion, you ll get strange little boxes in among your completion, as illustrated in Figure 7-6. What s going on there
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This book would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Apress editors. I am eternally indebted to my technical editor, Evan DiBiase, who painstakingly checked every symbol, method, and line of code for accuracy. I thank Douglas Pundick for his astute structural changes, and I would have been completely lost without the talented red pen of my copy editor, Elizabeth Berry. The unflagging Kylie Johnson held the entire project on course and, amazingly, on schedule. Finally, I d like to chastise Clay Andres who once plucked me out of a WWDC conference and told me I could write books.
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Why is modifying ETL processes so challenging For one thing, any modifications usually require retesting the ETL. When you are dealing with hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of data, that can be very time consuming. Also, any changes to the business rules in the ETL can impact historical data already in the warehouse. Determining whether to update historical information, or just change it moving forward, is a major decision in itself. If you do want to make changes to historical data, determining how to apply these updates can be complicated and typically involves multiple groups in the company (IT and any impacted business units) coming together to agree on an approach.
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In the previous example then, the first set command is actually an AppleScript command, since the part between set and to is an AppleScript variable, the_file, while the second one is working as an application command because it s being used on an application reference, name of file 1 of folder "Jobs" of application "Finder". Here is another example to try: tell application "Finder" set the_list to {} set end of the_list to file 1 of folder "Jobs" end tell Answer: both set commands are working as AppleScript commands. Here s a third: tell application "Finder" set the_file to file 1 of folder "Jobs" end tell set name of the_file to "1.jpg" This one is especially tricky, and you ll need to think about what it does when it s run. Answer: the first set command is an AppleScript command, and the second one is working as an application command even though it s outside the application tell block! Remember that AppleScript can often figure out a command s target by examining its parameters. In this case, although the second set command lies outside the Finder tell block, AppleScript realizes its direct parameter is an application reference when executing it, so it sends the set command to the application indicated by this reference: the Finder. I don t recommend writing code like this yourself, mind you, given how much more awkward it is to read. It does provide a useful reminder that you shouldn t jump to conclusions about what a command will do based solely on whether it s inside or outside a tell block.
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In PowerShell terms, a provider is a way to expose a data store as if it were the filesystem. A command such as dir c:\scripts is common on Windows systems. Being able to type dir hklm:\software\microsoft and see registry keys opens a lot of functionality. The standard cmdlets for working with files and the standard navigation techniques used in the filesystem will work (with exceptions) in the other providers. PowerShell ships with providers for the filesystem, registry, certificate store, and internal PowerShell features. Providers are available for other data stores, including Active Directory and IIS 7. SQL Server 2008 also exposes PowerShell functionality as a provider.
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