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Setting up messaging In addition to connecting outlets and actions, you can also set up message connections between classes. In the CocoaWGet program, the main controller (CocoaWGetController) needs to access the subcontrollers. To accomplish this, Control-drag from the instance that sends the message to the instance that receives the message, select the receiver from the connections list, and click the Connect button (see figure 6.12).
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These are really different versions of the same query, so grouping them together for the purpose of obtaining the aggregate cost of the query is beneficial; however, without a significant amount of string-manipulation logic, this would be difficult to achieve. ReadTrace performs such grouping analysis automatically. Executed at the command line with a number of input parameters including a trace file name, ReadTrace Creates a new database, by default named PerfAnalysis, in a specified SQL Server instance Analyzes and aggregates information contained within the trace file and stores the results in the PerfAnalysis database Produces .RML files, which can be used as input for the OStress utility, which we ll discuss shortly Launches the Reporter utility, which graphically summarizes the results captured in the PerfAnalysis database The first step in using ReadTrace is capturing a trace file. In order for ReadTrace to work and provide the most beneficial analysis, we need to include a number of events and columns in the trace. The help file that s supplied with the RML utilities documents all the required events and columns. Once the trace file has been captured, the ReadTrace utility can be executed against it, an example of which follows:
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For more information on each of these versions of RSS, see the specifications found on the Web at the following addresses:
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Listing 18.24 A subtle drop shadow
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perhaps using color to draw attention to it. This isn t the appropriate way to produce normal output from a script or command. For example, you should never use Write-Host to manually format a table there are better ways to produce the output, using techniques that enable PowerShell itself
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To sign out, tap your account name. To adjust the sound quality, move the switch under Cell Network Audio Quality either ON or OFF. When you are on a cellular network, setting this off is probably better, otherwise you may hear more skips and pauses in the playback. When you are on a strong Wi-Fi connection, you can set this to ON for better quality. See our Wi-Fi and 3G Connections chapter to learn more about the various connections. To save your battery life, you should set the Auto-Lock to ON, which is the default. If you want the force the screen to stay lit, then switch this to OFF. To remove all advertising, tap the Upgrade to Pandora One button. A web browser window will open and you ll be take to Pandora s web site to enter your credit card information. As of publishing time, the annual account cost is $36.00, but that may be different by the time you read this book.
Step 5 In the Business Intelligence project, preview the report that calls the custom assembly. Or, if you have already been previewing the report, press the Refresh Report button on the Preview Tab toolbar. At this point, your breakpoints should be hit by the VS.NET debugger. As you will soon find out, if you need to make code changes and recompile the custom assembly, trying to redeploy it to the Report Designer folder results in the following exception:
Note Like Java, Objective-C does not permit a variable to contain the contents of an object, only a pointer
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