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"alt": "Nike Zoom Vomero" }, { "href": "ten.html", "src": "images/max.jpg", "alt": "Nike Air Max" } ]; } prep(); } To query say the src member of the third element in data, we would write one of the following: data[2].src data[2]["src"] Those would both return the string, images/glide_nyc.jpg. Remember from 5 you may query a member named with a string with an identifier so long as the string, src in our case, is a valid identifier. With this in mind, we can create a new scroller from our JSON data and createElem() helper function like so: function parseJSON(req) { if (req.status === 200 || req.status === 304) { var data = JSON.parse(req.responseText); var div, ul = createElem("ul", {className: "slide"}), li; for (var i = 0, j = data.length; i < j; i ++) { li = createElem("li", null, [ createElem("a", {href: data[i].href}, [ createElem("img", {src: data[i].src, alt: data[i].alt})])]); ul.appendChild(li); } div = createElem("div", {className: "scroller", id: "s5"}, [ createElem("div", {className: "wrapper"}, [ul]), createElem("div", {className: "left arrow sprite"}), createElem("div", {className: "right arrow sprite"})]); } prep(); } Then add the DOM branch to the tree. Note that displaying our new scroller to the visitor is a UI update. Just like rendering the down image for a sprite. Remember that if the UI thread is running JavaScript at the time, those have to take a number and wait in the UI queue. I m just trying to reinforce why it s vital to write JavaScript that runs snappy. UI rigor mortis is unpleasant for the visitor. function parseJSON(req) { if (req.status === 200 || req.status === 304) { var data = JSON.parse(req.responseText); var div, ul = createElem("ul", {className: "slide"}), li; for (var i = 0, j = data.length; i < j; i ++) { li = createElem("li", null, [
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AutoCAD Document objects have a Blocks collection that contains all the drawing s Block definition objects. Access the Blocks collection with a Document object. The following code uses ThisDrawing as the active document: Dim objBlocks As AcadBlocks Set objBlocks = ThisDrawing.Blocks MsgBox "There are " & objBlocks.Count & " Block objects" To set a reference to an existing Block object, use the Blocks collection s Item method: Dim objBlock As AcadBlock Set objBlock = ThisDrawing.Blocks.Item(2) Set objBlock = ThisDrawing.Blocks.Item("My Block") As in other AutoCAD collections, Item is the default method for Blocks, so you can omit the method name and pass the parameter straight to the Blocks reference.
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PS (14) > $s.description = "A greeting" PS (15) > $s.description A greeting
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there are rare exceptions, developers should never build or test applications using SA credentials. Let s visit each of these approaches in a bit more detail.
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Using Smile: The AppleScript Integrated Production Environment
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Searching Your Contacts
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When you click the Create button, GoogleAppEngineLauncher will create the web application folder containing three files: app.yaml: Your application configuration file main.py: Your web application s main code file index.yaml: An automatically generated file that you can ignore for now If you have a text editor that can open directories, you can simply click the Edit button in the toolbar (see Figure 2-8) and have all files ready for you to read and edit. In TextMate, it looks like Figure 2-9.
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CHAPTER 12: Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools
What s the Result
This was a question raised by one of our beta testers. They were surprised by this result and thought there was something wrong with the interpreter, but in fact, this is not a bug. Here s what s happening: Consider the following text:
Robert C. Cain is a Microsoft MVP in SQL development, and is a consultant with COMFRAME as a senior business intelligence architect. Prior to his current position, Robert worked for a regional power company, managing, designing, and implementing the SQL Server data warehouse for the nuclear division. He also spent 10 years as a senior consultant, working for a variety of customers in the Birmingham, Alabama, area using Visual Basic and C#. He maintains the popular blog http://arcanecode.com. In his spare time, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, digital photography, and amateur radio, holding the highest amateur license available and operating under the call sign N4IXT.
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