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The NHibernate Query by Criteria (QBC) API lets you build a query by manipulating criteria objects at runtime. This approach lets you specify constraints dynamically without direct string manipulations, but it doesn t lose much of the flexibility or power of HQL. On the other hand, queries expressed as criteria are often less readable than queries expressed in HQL. Retrieving a user by first name is easy using a Criteria object:
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variables (continued) $ in name 170 index number 175 multiple objects 174 175 names 170 172, 293 overview 169 persistence 171 preference 258 preventing logic errors 179 replacement in double quotes 258, 293 retrieving contents 171 scope 201 setting contents 170 static values 194 types 177 usage example 170 use in values 171 watching 262 within double quotation marks 172 within literal strings 172 VBScript language approach to mass management 144 enumeration 145 security issues 158 using WMI examples 125 verbose output, producing 189 VerbosePreference 189 virtual machines 285 VMware 285 286 vSphere void 285 286
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In Cocoa, categories are used mainly for three purposes: splitting a class s implementation across multiple files or multiple frameworks, creating forward references for private methods, and adding informal protocols to an object. Don t worry if you have no idea what informal protocol means. We ll cover that in a little bit.
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Adding interactive features to dataset-bound reports presents an unusual challenge. As we explained in chapter 10, these features rely on HTTP-GET, which cannot be used with large parameters. As a workaround, consider saving the dataset as an XML file and passing the file path as a report parameter.
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6 Sprites In-Depth
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We ve included the XAML for the entire ListView template to make what s happening clearer. The first change we make is to give our panel a name b. We need to do this so that we can refer to it from our trigger. Our DataTemplate has a collection of triggers c, although we only have one. The trigger itself d has two attributes: the Binding this provides the data we want to trigger off of and the Value the value that we want to compare the result to. In our example, we re binding to our data source s PriorityClass, which will be High, Medium, Low, and so on. Our trigger will fire if the binding value is an exact match for the value High . If the condition is met, then some number of setters will be executed, just as with a control template. In this case, we re setting the Background property of our wrap panel e to be a linear gradient brush that goes from salmon to white. Why salmon Because catfish are really ugly. Anyway, figure 12.8 shows our trigger in action.
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If the number of items in any one container is too high, performance is degraded (accessing a container instantiates all items in the container). Although the maximum number is hardware dependent, Microsoft recommends a maximum of 400 items per container. Distribute items over multiple containers and you won t exceed the maximum. The greater the number of items, the more impact fragment caching has.
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Flow Heading List Table Markup
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Keep in mind that Gc is an alias for Get-Content. You can use the -split operator to break that into four individual array elements:
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Listing C.1 The GetCustomersFinder web method, which returns all data
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can express all of our key paths in the predicates as being relative to SELF. This predicate is exactly the same as the previous one:
So the selected object is the Consultant for the current journal entry, the content you need to show is the Consultant object for this journal entry, and the value to display is the first name. You need to make some changes here to pick and correctly use the fullName property. Clearly the select object is still the same: you need to pick up the right Consultant for this journal entry. But the content and values you need to use come from the Consultant object. So change the bindings to those in Table 9 4:
CHAPTER 10: Using Your iPhone as a Phone
Cocoa Touch
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