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C# and VB.NET language enhancements
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Mix in a little Google or Bing searching on the side, and you should be able to figure out any of it.
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(See the gcc documentation s section Options That Control Optimization for more specific information about optimizations settings.) The next option is the Generate Profiling Code checkbox. Enabling this box adds -pg to your build options, which adds code to support program performance analysis with gprof. The gprof program is used to display a performance execution profile for your program. Enabling the Generate Debugging Symbols checkbox adds the -g option to the build, which adds symbolic information to the object files, enabling gdb to provide you with more information while debugging. The Other C Compiler Flags text field is used to adding additional compiler flags to the build. Link options are set in the Linker Settings portion of the Build Settings section. This section enables you to customize elements of the link phase of the build. Project Builder uses ld, the Mach object file link editor, to perform link operations; libtool to create static and dynamic libraries; and dyld to load an application s dynamic link libraries into its address space. Development from the command line under Project Builder In addition to building your programs from within Project Builder, you can choose to build them from the command line using the pbxbuild command. To use the command, open a shell and change to the directory that contains your project. The pbxbuild program has several command-line options:
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Dynamic Management Views
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13.4.2 Creating a test project Visual Studio 2010 has built-in support for creating test projects containing automatic and manual test items. The test tools in Visual Studio contain a complete suite for building tests and analyzing those results, including code coverage, profiling, and test impact. The Web Part that you ve been building in this chapter is designed for testability, and to create tests for it you need to add a new test project to the solution. Do so by creating a new project in Visual Studio, selecting the Test Project template, and adding it to the current solution. A default Unit-test project item is added to the project; you can remove this test item. You can add many types of test project items to a test project, as shown in figure 13.11. Most of the project items are focused on unit-testing, and you can create unit-tests
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Design for future RAM upgrades
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Figure 3 37. Apple Knowlegebase web site for the iPad
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MOM 2005 Supported Configurations
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NSNumber *avgMileage; avgMileage = [garage valueForKeyPath: @"cars.@avg.mileage"]; NSLog (@"average is %.2f", [avgMileage floatValue]);
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private void LoadFormats() { Calls the ReportingService2005 rs = RsHelpers.Proxy; ListExtensions API Extension[] extensions = null; extensions = rs.ListExtensions(ExtensionTypeEnum.Render); foreach (Extension extension in extensions) { if (extension.Name.ToLower()!="null") cmbFormat.Items.Add(extension.Name); } cmbFormat.SelectedText = "HTML4.0"; }
Tracing the deadlock
Settings Control Icon Label Property (Name) BorderStyle ImageList ImageIndex Text Text Label (Name) Anchor BorderStyle Text Site Link (Name) Text Close Link (Name) Anchor Text TextAlign lblAboutText Top, Left, Right Fixed3D MyPhotos linkWebSite Click for book s web site linkClose Top, Right Click to close window TopRight Value lblIcon FixedSingle imageIcons 0
Amazon EC2 is the most general purpose of the major clouds but has the least support for automatic scaling or failover, both of which have to be programmed into the application. This is in contrast to the automatic and invisible scaling that occurs in the PaaS types of clouds, such as Google s AppEngine, which we ll discuss in section 2.2.3. In IaaS-type clouds, such as EC2, elasticity requires careful programming using their APIs. On the other hand, you can use any programming language, and you have complete control over your Table 2.6 The components of the LAMP stack application in an IaaS cloud. Sure, it in an IaaS cloud requires more manual work, but you get something that has the appearance of L Linux Operating system being physical hardware that you have A Apache Web server control over from the operating system M MySQL Relational database outward. The LAMP stack is the easiest P PHP Server side of website and most common EC2 configuration (see table 2.6).
ReportViewer redistributable file
Aggregate yourself
=AWC.RS.Library.RsLibrary.GetForecastedSet(forecastedSet, forecastedMonths)
Figure 11.18 You will need to configure the dataset connection when converting RDLC files to RDL files.
Tools for troubleshooting and logging
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