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Implementation Data Matrix in Objective-C Thread Synchronization

[assembly: AssemblyTitle("MyPhotos")] [assembly: AssemblyDescription("Sample application for Windows Forms Programming with C#")] [assembly: AssemblyConfiguration("")] [assembly: AssemblyCompany("Manning Publications Co.")] [assembly: AssemblyProduct("MyPhotos")] [assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright (C) 2001")] [assembly: AssemblyTrademark("")] [assembly: AssemblyCulture("")]
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public void AddRange Indicates that a method will (params Photograph[] photos) receive a set of parameters. { This can occur only once and at foreach (Photograph p in photos) the end of the list of { _album.Add(p); parameters. } }
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Listing 9.14 checks to see if some other thread has acquired a write lock since the ReleaseLock statement was executed.
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Objective-C s @synchronized directive is almost identical to Java s synchronized keyword, with only one minor exception: @synchronized can t be used as a method modifier. To accomplish the equivalent, use @synchronized(self) as the outermost block of your method, as shown in Listing 15-6.
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Public Class AddExample Public Shared Function whereCondition(ByVal p As Role) As Boolean Return p.ID = 1 End Function Sub Listing2_11() Dim people = New PeopleDataContext() Dim predicateDelegate As New Func(Of Role, Boolean)(AddressOf whereCondition)
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While it may sound like a certain secret government organization in the Star Trek Universe, Section 3.3.1 actually is a section of Apple s Developer License Agreement. It has become synonymous with a certain change in policy with the release of the iPhone SDK 4. The policy more or less restricts iOS developers to the use of the Objective-C, C, C++, and JavaScript programming languages. This change to limit iOS development to specific programming languages has generated a great amount of discussion and worry among iOS developers. Since cocos2d is written entirely in Objective-C, and external libraries like the physics engines Chipmunk and Box2d are written in C and C++ respectively, while targeting the iPhone SDK directly and not making use of any private APIs, it s fair to say that cocos2d developers should not need to worry at all. Games and apps made with cocos2d will not be rejected by Apple on the basis of Section 3.3.1. The general consensus is that the change in Apple s policy regarding use of languages and disallowing intermediate layers is primarily to prevent applications and games written in Adobe Flash from gaining a foothold in the iOS market.
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The Grid and localization
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CREATE FUNCTION FormatDateDash(@Date datetime) RETURNS varchar(10) AS BEGIN RETURN CONVERT(varchar(10),@Date,120) END GO
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What the Genius feature does is create a playlist by associating similar songs with the one you re listening to. Unline a random shuffle of music, Genius will scour your music library and then create a new playlist of 25, 50, or 100 songs (you set the Genius features in iTunes on your computer).
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Some Wi-Fi networks require a password to connect. This is set when the network administrator creates the wireless network. You will have to know the exact password, including whether it is case-sensitive. If the network does require a password, you will be taken to the password-entry screen. Type the password exactly as given to you and press the enter key on the on-screen keyboard (which is now labeled as Join). On the network screen, you ll see a checkmark showing that you are connected to the network.
Design and testability
Out-of-the-box Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
SyncLock IdCounterObject If DayToReInitialize = DateTime.Now.Day Then InitializeIdCounter() End If MessageId = Interlocked.Increment(IdCounter) End SyncLock
Listing 22.11 Using the ElasticEase for some crazy animation
20.2 Implementing auto-validator
a. Type the Ctrl+H key to display the Replace dialog. b. Type Form1 for the Find what: text and MainForm for the Replace with text, as shown in the graphic. c. Click the Replace All button. Note: The Ctrl+H key is a shortcut for the Replace menu item located in the Find and Replace submenu under the top-level Edit menu. 4 Click the Close button. The Replace dialog disappears. After the Replace All button is clicked, all four occurrences of the string are replaced in the code.
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