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private void btnNext_Click (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { SaveSettings(); if (_index < _album.Count - 1) { _index ++; ResetSettings(); SetOriginals(); } }
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In the Licensing Mode step you specify the licensing details.
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About the author
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Using Commands That Produce a List
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You can see that the context pointer is cast to an object pointer, and messages are sent to that object.
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When the first edition of this book was released, Silverlight 2 was just starting to gain adoption. It was a brand new technology from Microsoft (the managed code version was, anyway), one with strong competition. Though Silverlight 2 could have been used to build rich business applications, it didn t have the chops to be a strong contender in that space yet. Many of the features in this section are useful in applications of all sorts; I hate to classify them under the heading of business, but that s the largest consumer of these features. Validation, covered in chapter 13, was one of the biggest new features for business applications. Silverlight didn t add just validation but included support for validation through attributes, validation through exceptions, and even asynchronous validation, all of which work with the Silverlight controls. Silverlight even made it possible to completely customize the style of the validation information provided to the end-user. One technology that builds heavily on the validation stack is WCF RIA Services (chapter 17). A good bit of the validation functionality rolled into the Silverlight runtime actually came from that project. WCF RIA Services provides a way to share validation and logic between the client and server as well as a framework for validation, data access, and security, shareable between Silverlight and other clients. WCF RIA Services builds upon the WCF stack, but it s not the only enhancement there. The Silverlight networking stack, described in chapter 14, was greatly enhanced to support in-browser and out-of-browser operation, as well as SOAP 1.2 and a number of new protocol enhancements. These changes make it easier to use Silverlight behind a firewall where the services often have different requirements than those on the Internet. Despite the promises of a paperless office, printing (covered in chapter 19) is still a staple of business applications everywhere. Printing in Silverlight is optimized for relatively short reports or documents, as well as for the equivalent of print-screen operations. It s super simple to use as easy as working with XAML on the pages. Finally, we come to a biggie: out-of-browser sandboxed and trusted applications. Covered in section 5.1, out-of-browser mode was one of the most significant enhancements made to how Silverlight operates. Silverlight 3 introduced the basic out-ofbrowser mode with a sandbox roughly equivalent to the one in browser. Silverlight 4 opened up whole new classes of applications by adding the trusted application mode with its reduction in prompts, increased file access, and (on Windows) access to IDispatch COM Automation servers. All of these features add up to a platform that s more than capable of being the client for our complex business applications. One of the next major areas of enhancement for Silverlight is media.
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Creating a New Playlist
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This section will deal with the way that PowerShell deals with errors that terminate the current flow of execution, also called terminating errors. Here we ll cover the language elements for dealing with terminating errors and how you can apply these features. You re probably familiar with terminating errors when they are called by their more conventional name exceptions. So call them what you will; we re going to delve into catching these terminating errors. In other words, how can you grab these errors and take corrective or remedial actions instead of simply giving up and quitting
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<Deployment xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/client/2007/deployment" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" EntryPointAssembly="MyApp" EntryPointType="MyApp.App" RuntimeVersion="4.0.50401.0"> <Deployment.Parts> <AssemblyPart x:Name="MyApp" Source="MyApp.dll" /> </Deployment.Parts> </Deployment>
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This method uses replaceObjectAtIndex:withObject: to remove the existing object from the collection and replace it with the new object. We don t have to do any explicit memory management with the tire, because NSMutableArray will automatically retain the new tire and release the object that lives at the index, whether it s an NSNull placeholder or a previously stored tire object. NSMutableArray will release all of its objects when it gets destroyed, so the tire will get cleaned up. The tireAtIndex: getter uses the objectAtIndex: method provided by NSArray to get the tire from the array:
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To view your contacts, click the Cloud icon then click the Contacts icon.
package com.manning.blogapps.chapter16; import java.io.*; import org.apache.tools.ant.*; import com.manning.blogapps.chapter10.blogclient.*; public class PostBlogResourceTask extends BaseBlogTask { private String filename = null; private String contenttype = null; private String resourcename = null; private String urlproperty = "uploadurl";
The DataGrid class represents a control that displays a collection of data as a grid of rows and columns. The data displayed and the style in which it is presented is fully configurable. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the Control class. See .NET Table 4.1 on page 104 for a list of members inherited by this class. AllowNavigation AlternatingBackColor Gets or sets whether navigation is permitted. Gets or sets the background color to use on every other row in the grid to create a ledgerlike appearance. Gets or sets the text to appear in the caption area. Gets or sets whether the caption is visible. Other properties related to this and other grid areas are also provided. Gets or sets a DataGridCell structure representing the cell in the grid that has the focus. Gets or sets the index of the selected row. Gets or sets which list in the assigned data source should be displayed in the grid. Gets or sets the source of data for the grid. Gets or sets the value of a cell. This property is the C# indexer for this class. Gets or sets whether the grid is in read-only mode. Gets or sets the width of row headers in pixels. Gets the collection of DataGridTableStyle objects specifying display styles for various tables that may be displayed by the grid. Attempts to begin an edit on the grid. Returns location information within the grid of a specified point on the screen. This works much like the HitTest method in the MonthCalendar class. Assigns the DataSource and DataMember properties to the given values at run time. Deselects a specified row. Occurs when the current cell has changed. Occurs when a new data source is assigned. Occurs when the user navigates to a new table. Occurs when the user scrolls the data grid.
Figure 10-5. A conditional statement using a complex Boolean expression To make this situation a bit easier to swallow, what I usually do is start by assigning the result of the complex Boolean expression to a well-named variable. I can then use that variable in the conditional statement instead of the monstrous expression itself. Figure 10-6 shows an example of this.
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