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On your iPad, you have three primary ways of accessing your Facebook page as of publishing time: 1. 2. 3. Use Safari to go to the standard (full) web site: www.facebook.com. Use Safari to go to the mobile site: touch.facebook.com. Use the iPhone/iPad Touch Facebook app.
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Now let s move on to the fun part: drawing the curve itself. We ll use preprocessor #defines to establish values for colors and line widths, making it easier to spot them and change them in order to tweak the appearance. Add these lines somewhere near the top of CurveView.m:
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With the WMI provider, developers can write code to programmatically access the configurations settings of a given installation instance of the Report Server and Report Manager in an object-oriented way. Specifically, it offers the MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting and MSReportServerReportManager_ConfigurationSetting classes. The first class wraps the Report Server configuration settings stored in the RSReportServer.config file. The second represents the Report Manager configuration settings located in the RSWebApplication.config file. Please consult with the documentation for a detailed coverage of the WMI provider functionality. Let s demonstrate how the WMI provider can be useful. Because RS doesn t come with a management console snap-in, we wrote a simple RS Console, as shown in figure 7.24. (Version 2.0 of Reporting Services will include a management console integrated with the SQL Server 2005 management tool.) Empowered with the RS Console, you can manage the settings of an arbitrary Report Server instance installed in your enterprise by specifying the Report Server name. The RS Console shows you the settings for a given Report Server and allows you to make changes. This could be particularly useful when you need to change the
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PS (6) > $error[0].exception Attempted to divide by zero.
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Description Expand the editor Shift the code block to the left Shift the code block to the right Accept a completion Show the completion menu Cycle through the completions Cycle backward through the completions Move to the next completion placeholder Make a snapshot Move the cursor forward Move the cursor backward Move the cursor to the previous line Move the cursor to the next line Move the cursor to the beginning of the line Move the cursor to the end of the line
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Listing 17.11 The Receive method used with no timeout specified (C#)
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FILE *fp;
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standard. You can expect a lot of standards to begin as proprietary cloud APIs and evolve into industry-wide standards over a period of time. As in any major industry transformation, the leader gets to call the shots or, in this case, establish the initial standards. Amazon is that leader.
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Greg is an internationally recognized consultant, developer, and trainer. He has been working in development since 1978, holds a PhD in Computer Science, and is a Microsoft Regional Director. Greg is the country lead for Solid Quality Mentors in Australia (www.solidq.com.au). He hosts the popular SQL Down Under podcast (www.sqldownunder.com) and is a board member of the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS), responsible for their global chapter program. Greg is one of a handful of people to have achieved a Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server 2008 and regularly teaches SQL Server internals on campus in Redmond for Microsoft.
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If you try to add custom properties to one of the default categories in SharePoint, your property will end up in the Miscellaneous section.
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Figure 9.4 The Access Options sample demonstrates how a WinForm application can request reports via URL or the RS Web service (SOAP).
to implement whatever logic you need in properties (as long as you keep the same collection instance in both get and set accessors). Note that collections shouldn t have a setter at all.
[Subclass(ExtendsType=typeof(BillingDetails), DiscriminatorValue="CC")] public class CreditCard : BillingDetails { //... }
Test Test 1
CHAPTER 17: Surfing the Web with Safari
Common LINQ to XML scenarios
PS (2) > $x = 10 PS (3) > if ( $( >>> 20) { $false True PS (4) > $x = 25 PS (5) > if ( $( >>> 20) { $false False PS (6) > $x = 4 PS (7) > if ( $( >>> 20) { $false True PS (8) >
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