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The REORGANIZE command will rebuild all indexes, without taking the catalog offline. Your users will still be able to use and query the catalog normally. The downside is that this is a lot slower than doing a rebuild.
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CHAPTER 14: Introduction to the AppKit
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Hand coding DataSets LINQ-to-SQL NHibernate (or similar) ADO.NET Entity Framework
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Table 8-3. Common NSData Constructors
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Figure 3 17. The Hello World program, running at last
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appVersion cookieEnabled appName Platform userAgent
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When you work with files, what you need is a way to refer to the files you use. No matter whether your goal is creating a text file, backing up some folders, or deleting the entire contents of a hard disk, the ways you refer to a file are the same. AppleScript can refer to a file, folder, or disk in three general ways, and your job is to choose the method that works best with your specific situation and with the application you re using: An HFS/POSIX path or uniform resource locator (URL) string A file specifier (an alias, file, or POSIX file value) An application reference to the Finder or System Events Script 14-1 shows a typical example of each approach. Script 14-1. --An HFS path string: "Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign CS:Adobe InDesign Technical Info: Scripting:InDesign CS Scripting Guide.pdf" --An AppleScript alias value: alias "Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign CS:Adobe InDesign Technical Info: Scripting:InDesign CS Scripting Guide.pdf" --A Finder application reference: document file "InDesign CS Scripting Guide.pdf" of folder "Scripting" of folder "Adobe InDesign Technical Info" of folder "Adobe InDesign CS" of folder "Applications" of startup disk of application "Finder"
We set the title, employeeID, and description properties for this user and then call SetInfo() to update the server when we re done. As one might expect, to retrieve this user object again, we use a URL with the path element cn=Dogbert added to it.
If you tap Mail icon and you receive an error that says Cannot Get Mail No password provided for (your account), you will need to enter your password. Review this chapter s Enter Passwords for Email Accounts Synced from iTunes section for help
Figure 10.9 The Compress Backup option enables the default backup compression to be set. Individual backups can explicitly override this setting.
Check for stop key
1. Select Add/Remove Windows Components (Add/Remove Programs), select Application Server, and then select Details. 2. Select Internet Information Services in the Application Server dialog box, and then select Details. 3. Select World Wide Web Service in the Internet Information Services dialog box, and then select Details. 4. Select the Server Side Includes from the World Wide Web Service dialog box. 5. Finish the Windows Components Wizard dialog box.
XStreamingElement XText and XCData
Figure 6 21. Assign your icon file in the Information Property List: the plist.
When you build a control template, it ll ultimately be used with a Control. Every Control in Silverlight exposes a property called Template. This property is a ControlTemplate that lets you take complete control over what a Control looks like. In a sense, when you set this property, you re resetting the control s appearance, giving you a clean slate to work with. From there, you can make a Control look like whatever you want it to look like. For instance, listing 23.13 changes the look of a Button to make it look more like a sphere.
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