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CHAPTER 17: Future Paths
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Storage system sizing
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Planning a WPF application Layering multiple layouts Setting up menus and toolbars The reason fast-food restaurants always give you 5 million napkins
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Designing and architecting for cloud scale
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Automatically download podcasts
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Cristian Lefter is a SQL Server MVP and a former SQL Server developer, currently working as a consultant at Micro Training, a consulting and training company. Cristian is a writer, blogger, SQL expert, and frequent reviewer for Manning, Apress, Wiley, and other publishers, as well as for ASPToday, Simple-Talk, Microsoft E-Learning, Asentus, Content Master, GrandMasters, and more. He s based in Bucharest, Romania. You can reach him at his blog at http:/ /sqlserver.ro/blogs/ cristians_blog/default.aspx, or his email address at CristianLefter@hotmail.com.
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NOTE: This adjusts the brightness only within iBooks. To adjust the global brightness of the iPhone, use the control in the Settings app. (Go to the Settings icon -> Brightness & Wallpaper.)
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Defines validation regular expression
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This concludes the chapter on Web Part properties, one of the most important and interesting topics you ll encounter when creating reusable self-contained applications. You ve seen how easy it is to add a property and tag it with a set of attributes to have SharePoint automatically generate an interface for editing the Web Part properties. Using these attributes, you can control how and when the properties are edited and stored. If you need to configure or control the editing of properties with, for example, validation, you can use custom Editor Parts. Editor Parts also allow you to create properties that are dependent on one another. A configurable Web Part with sufficient options will greatly increase the productivity of the users. You also looked at complex properties that by default can t be edited with the web interface or SharePoint Designer. By leveraging some of the .NET Framework features, you can give SharePoint the ability to convert an object to and from a string representation so that it can be edited. Finally, You explored a sample where you created a filter that can target Web Parts to groups within SharePoint. Content targeting is important in modern applications and will make your applications more usable. This was a long chapter filled with samples and code that you can use in your applications. Next up on the agenda is how you can enhance your Web Part and its properties with localization and resources and how you can store generic application configurations.
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- (NSArray *) columnsWithoutPrimaryKey { NSMutableArray *columns = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray: [self columns]]; [columns removeObjectAtIndex:0]; return columns; }
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public class Meal { protected Recipe recipe; public synchronized Recipe getRecipe() { ... } public synchronized void setRecipe( Recipe recipe ) { ... } } public class Budget { public void planExpendature( double amount ) { ... } public boolean isOverBudget( ) { ... } } public class RecipeBox { protected ArrayList meals; public synchronized Budget getMealBudget() { ... } public synchronized List<Meal> getMeals() { ... } public synchronized void setMeals( List<Meal> meals ) { ... } public void makesLists( ) { ArrayList mealList = new ArrayList(); ArrayList shoppingList = new ArrayList(); Budget budget = getMealBudget(); List meals = getMeals(); if (meals!=null) { boolean isOverBudget = false; for ( Meal meal: getMeals() ) { Recipe recipe = meal.getRecipe(); if (recipe!=null) { List<Ingredient> ingredients = recipe.getIngredients(); for (Ingredient ingredient: ingredients) { if (budget!=null) { budget.planExpendature(ingredient.getCost()); if (budget.isOverBudget()) isOverBudget = true; } } } mealList.add(meal);
Introducing Comparison Operators
Listing 9.9 The base class that listing 9.8 relies on
Figure 1 6. iPad first time setup login or create Apple ID
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