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If startingPoint is 2, the next prime is 3, and we ll set candidate accordingly.
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Storage system sizing
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C HAP T ER 4 All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
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Figure 3.12 Add a new dataset field using the Add New Field dialog box.
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Following main() is another pair of blank lines, followed by the function SayHello(). SayHello() prints the string Hello, world! , followed by a return, in a window, and then returns control to main().
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Preinstalled MapKit Apps
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OBA is difficult to describe, as it s a solution that uses parts of the Microsoft Office
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The Application Scripting Dictionary
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Adding the icon to the project To add the icon to the project, follow these steps:
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approach is not easily enforceable, especially by people who are as opinionated and strong-willed as developers tend to be. Signatures Second, the Report Server won t be able to easily inspect the signature of the delivery method in advance to check to see if it follows the specification. For example, what if the developer has neglected to specify an argument for the notification object This will certainly result in a runtime exception. Invoking methods Finally, there is no easy way for the Report Server to invoke the delivery method. These issues can be easily overcome by using interface inheritance. In object-oriented programming, interface inheritance is a type of inheritance wherein one or more classes share a set of messages. 13.1.2 Working with interface inheritance At this point, you may be curious as to what an interface really is. We can loosely define an interface as a set of methods, properties, and events that define an object s characteristics and behavior. You define an interface similarly to the way you define a class. For example, in the previous scenario, this is what the delivery extension interface may look like in C#:
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Applet who When you want to save a script in a way that it will run when the user double-clicks it, the option listed in the Apple editor is Application. However, in this book I will refer to it as an applet. An applet means the AppleScript code is wrapped with the minimal executable shell that allows it to run in a stand-alone form, just like any other application.
Microsoft maintains public newsgroups for .NET programming. The C# newsgroup is named microsoft.public.dotnet.csharp.general, and it lives on the msnews.microsoft.com news server. Numerous Web sites are devoted to .NET information. You can find links to these resources at the Apress Web site.
Companion interfaces and classes for query operators:
where <FolderPath> is the path to the folder in the report catalog. Optionally, for faster performance, you can tell the Report Server that you mean to view the folder contents by using the ListChildren command. If you don t use this command, the Report Server has to determine the type of the resource being requested and use the default command. For example, to view the contents of the AWReporter folder, you would use the following syntax:
if ( dir telly*.txt | select-string penguin ) { "There's a penguin on the telly." }
OK, now Build and Run. There is an immediate problem and the build fails see Figure 7 4.
class Test2 { public static void Main() { Employee[] arr = new Employee[4]; arr[0] = new Employee("George", 1); arr[1] = new Employee("Fred", 2); arr[2] = new Employee("Tom", 4); arr[3] = new Employee("Bob", 3); Array.Sort<Employee>(arr, (IComparer<Employee>) new Employee.SortByNameClass()); // employees is now sorted by name foreach (Employee emp in arr) Console.WriteLine("Employee: {0}", emp); Array.Sort<Employee>(arr, (IComparer<Employee>) new Employee.SortByIdClass()); // employees is now sorted by id foreach (Employee emp in arr) Console.WriteLine("Employee: {0}", emp); List<Employee> list = new List<Employee>(); list.Add(arr[0]); list.Add(arr[1]); list.Add(arr[2]); list.Add(arr[3]); list.Sort((IComparer<Employee>)new Employee.SortByNameClass()); foreach (Employee emp in list) Console.WriteLine("Employee: {0}", emp); list.Sort(); // default is by id foreach (Employee emp in list) Console.WriteLine("Employee: {0}", emp); } } Notice the use of the generic List<T> collection instead of ArrayList, which was used in the corresponding example earlier in this chapter. The previous listing also used the generic Sort method of Array. As with the first generic example, the output is the same as the nongeneric equivalent. We didn t reprint the IComparer As a Property example here in the interest of paper conservation, but it does accompany the book s code, which is available in the Downloads section of the Apress Web site (http://www.apress.com).
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